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So… Today it’s my 3rd anniversary with my boyfriend. The last few weeks we’ve been spending so much time together, getting along and all that, and this week the chances of us meeting were going to be very slim, and since our anniversary fell on Saturday, we didn’t really know what to do to celebrate.

But yesterday the boy called me and asked if he could visit here (during the weekends I visit my mom). I was so thrilled!

He just left, and even though there were only about 2 hours that we spent together, it was so great.

There isn’t much to say, you guys, but I just wanted to share how happy I am, how full of love I feel right now. This is the longest relationship I’ve been to and by far, the most fulfilling. I love it. I love him.

Happy anniversary, boyfriend, happy anniversary!

Also, please excuse the lack of format in this, I am posting through my iPad.


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