About me

roundHey there! My name is Tomie Kourai Aminoacido. Let me tell you a little bit about me:

I’ve been breathing an air that pollutes my lungs for quite a few years now. I’m a sociopath according to my psychologist, neurotic according to those tests online, and plain naive if you ask around. I enjoy a variety of things in life, I have my own convictions and opinions, and I hate to be copied, but I’m easily flattered. I don’t usually talk about my relationships other than the casual mention of their existence, I like to keep some things to myself. I believe in a lot of things, one of the main ones is me. and I tend to be so realistic that my eyes sometimes hurt when i look at the world. I’ve been sleeping during most of my life. I’m happy.

The Facts

30 yrs old, November 11th, Mexican, Open mind, Scorpio, INTJ, Wood Ox, SED and Asperger, 4th wave feminist, Nobrow and nonpartisan, I randomly smoke, I randomly drink, and I don’t do drugs, I’m a certified English Teacher. 喜び. Fillestone, Azuldeluna and ThePonicorn.

Faves and Habits

I love cats (purr) and I like dogs a lot (woof). I own two lovely cats and a new puppy.
I read. A lot, so don’t even get me started. I go by everything, but as a decent millenial, I’ve been into YA.
I don’t eat fruit as a general, but I can make exceptions with apples.
I like grey as well as pink, black and blue. Sometimes even red.
I watch a lot of movies, too many to actually keep count, even though I try every year. My favorite ones are Suicide Club (Circle), Secretary, Stranger than Fiction among others.
I swear I’m a very sane person.
I have some tattoos and piercings, but all of them are hard to spot.
I’m a huge Shiina Ringo fan. I enjoy her more than anyone else. I also like Bright Eyes, Amanda Palmer, and more, a lot more. I live listening to music.
I watch TV, mainly cartoons, Adventure Time, Steven Universe and Regular Show are an addiction and I am a Disney hardcore fan.
Speaking of Disney, my favorite movies are The little Mermaid and Hercules. I love both of them mainly because of their songs.
I love paper. I do a lot with paper.
Everyone calls me Kourai in real life. Even my boss.
If I ever get the chance I would even change my name legally.
I spend most of my online time on Tumblr and Facebook.
I’m not witty enough to properly operate Twitter, but still you can find me there.

I always say I am not into fandoms, but without even noticing, I ended up being part of many.

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