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I started blogging on April, 23rd 2003, so my online writings are officially over a decade old. Through the years, I’ve had many domains (and still do *wink*wink*), but the one that’s lasted the most is this one. It has gone through extreme periods of inactivity and different kind of posting systems, but it’s still going and I bet it’ll be for a while.


I’ve owned this name for over 10 years now. I get countless visits from people wondering if it has anything to do with Ringo Starr. Yes and No. It’s related to Shiina Ringo, the japanese shinjuku-kei singer. Ringo is a pseudonym she got influenced by Ringo Starr… and Apples. So there’s the connection. Ish refers to a word meaning kind of, sort of, or a little bit, and it can be tacked on to an existing word or used by itself.

This blog has pretty much nothing to do with topics related to Shiina Ringo and such, but I adore her, and I loved the name.


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People mostly find me while looking for… The meaning of Diva and Filofax Mexico
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