Questions I get asked more often than not.

  • Why do you write in English? You’re Mexican!
    I prefer writing in English for several reasons:
    1 – I find it easier to express myself.
    2 – Most of the people who read this blog speak the language.
    3 – I reach a much larger audience.
    4 – It’s good practice for everyone!
  • What happened to ParteFORMA?
    It concluded its cycle and it’s now resting in the past.
  • How long have you been blogging?
    I started blogging on April of 2003, So I’ve been around for a while.
  • Do you still work on webdesign?
    I guess I still do, but since I got a day job, I hadn’t really been able to take any new clients, mainly because I don’t have the necessary time to actually complete projects.

The Graphics

  • Are there any restrictions for the use of your free fonts and brushes?
    Yes, they are for personal use only, and you can’t use them commercially. You also can’t redistribute them, if you want someone to see/use/know them, direct them here. That’s it.
  • When I download your brushes they are named after AminoKou, not your site.
    It is actually my website. That’s the name of my Portafolio.

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