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A long time ago, there were these blogs named spaces by Microsoft, I loved them with a passion, but for some reason they ended up closing, and offered to move your content to WordPress. I did. And I just bumped into this jewels of an old-time me.

Oh, boy, I was a little idiot back then. I’m going to reproduce things I find there, for amusement and to remember.

First, an introduction of myself

My name is Tomie Kourai (It still is), That is a name I’ve chosen for myself. I am about to turn 25 (almost 5 years ago), and just figuring out what I want to do with my life (still am, I guess). I am a single child from a divorced mom, I have a boyfriend I deeply love (Pff… the boyfriend is done and dusted), I enjoy the whole learning process, and sometimes life is a burden. I’ve been involved in self-destructive behaviors for about 13 years (Bad habits are hard to die), I sometimes recover, and sometimes relapse (Still do). I have problems coping with reality. I don’t eat fruits, My best creative work comes out to life at night and I was once on a hospital for depressive anorexia. I tend to mock my own life. I like to write on both Ingles & Spanish (OMG, what a pretentious little idiot I was to write it like this). I love myself, but I have some huge insecurities I am working on. I am usually a very happy person despite what this brief introduction may lead you to think.

I wrote a lot, I wrote extensively about my time struggling with suicide and depression (sorry if you didn’t know, now you know) and many other things that went through my head. Right now that I have a little more time, I think I am going to cross post some things that are half decent.

It was fun finding this. There’s so so much I had forgotten.


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