Books and Movies for 2011

2011, Finally!! And I am ready to get the most of it. That’s why I decided to share this: As I’ve said before, I am a movie Watcher, last year, I ran a challenge for myself, which consisted on watching 52 new movies, one per week. I used flixter to keep count of it. Sadly, at some point around 35 I lose my count. I am pretty sure I got over 32, but I couldn’t really know.

This year I am doing it again, but now I am also adding books. It will not go as A movie/A book every week, it’s more of a ‘whenever it happens, it will happen’ and since I’m mad like that, I’ll keep a registry here.

On top of the right column you will find two links referring to 52 books in 2011 and 52 movies in 2011, check them constantly as I will be adding more and more.

I you want you can join me on my madness, the only rule I keep (at least for myself, but you don’t have to keep it) is that these have to be new books and movies, I constantly re-read and re-watch movies, but I won’t be posting these, If it were like that I could easily reach over 200 movies.

Wish me luck!

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