16 photos I love

I’ve already slacked on two posts (19 and 17, 19 is halfway through, and 17 needs pictures taken) but this one requires pictures I already have on my archive, so Today (25th) I am getting this ready, cause tomorrow, by the time this gets published, I am going to be far away, probably dancing to Lady Gaga…

I need to talk a bit. This week was so so hard, some of the worst things I can imagine happened and luckily most of them are on their way to get solved. I am a bit stressed and trying my best and hardest to see things under a different light. I am trying to think…

I love you…

Also, today I found out Charlotte left town and may not come back in a year… Bummer…

But anyway, here you have 16 pictures I love. Most of them I’ve taken…

Cilantro, being the amazing cutie he is

My boyfriend and I the day of our 3rd anniversary

One of the few pictures I like of myself

Dafne and Abraham (Two of my friends) With my represented boyfriend

Katamari, being a baby and a doll

One day I drew this on my boyfriend’s chest…

The very first time Katamari and Cilantro laid peacefully in bed together. Now Cilantro is larger than Katamari.

Frida, my cousin. I am not a fan of her, but admittedly, she’s kind of cute. She’s older now…

One day I took film pictures of my boyfriend and I, and I scanned this one.

My boyfriend. This is one of my favorite pictures of him. I used to have lots of post its on that wall…

Katamari, on her birthday last year.

My grandmother and Arroba.I can’t even say anything…

Mama candado. My boyfriend made this for me on the day we started officially dating…

My cats, about 3 months ago. They are so, so damn cute and this picture depicts a lot of their personalities.

A bunch of seals laying sun bathing… they are adorable.

And finally, my most favorite picture in life, my grandmother and I. The last trip we took together. God, how do I miss her…

20 favorite things

I’m gonna be back on the picture posts very very very soon, but now, I’m going to list you 20 of my favorite things, situations, etc.

  1. Moles. In others? My boyfriend’s! He’s so full of them! In me? The one on my feet.
  2. My cats. Those little kittens are amazingly adorable.
  3. Purses and Shoes. (Yes, I have a shallow vein, it’s alright)
  4. Junji Ito’s stories. Very much.
  5. Sleeping with my boyfriend and waking up being hugged by him.
  6. Tea, lots of tea, super sweet tea.
  7. Going out for breakfast. Specially with my mom.
  8. Watching cartoons. All. Day. Long.
  9. Underwear. I even have a pinterest board named “Undie Crave”.
  10. Pictures of “What’s in my bag”
  11. Unicorns and ponies. Ponicorns if I have to choose.
  12. Rainy days when I am already home and I don’t have to go out at all.
  13. Doing my nails, it’s such a shame it takes so much time.
  14. Cute skirts and dresses. I wear pretty much nothing but those.
  15. Going to the movies. With someone or by myself.
  16. People with Tattoos, feeling their tattoos to be precise.
  17. Utena and Sailor Moon. I like some other animes, but these are my copilots.
  18. The colors pink and grey, in almost everything I own.
  19. All the memories of my grandmother.

21 plans

These are 21 things I am planning right now. Some of them are happening in the near future, some are for the long run

  1. Meet online friends in real life (like Sada, Mavy and some others).
  2. Become best friends with at least one of my favorite bloggers.
  3. Read at least 52 books in a year.
  4. Find the best Nachos in my city (This is something a friend and I are doing together).
  5. Learn 2 more languages.
  6. Live 100% alone.
  7. Have a big house where my cats can go out and play.
  8. Make the habit of going to the movies once a week.
  9. Go back to running, I miss it so much.
  10. Live on a different country.
  11. Get a Sailor Moon related tattoo.
  12. Make freelancing my main source of income.
  13. Go to a Shiina Ringo concert.
  14. Develop a taste for wine.
  15. Cosplay. Just once.
  16. Interview someone I admire for my magazine.
  17. Finally organize my home.
  18. Win a contest.
  19. Improve my driving skills.
  20. Finally understand both Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings
  21. Live together with the love of my life and our bunch of cats.

22 things I do when I am alone at home

I usually spend a big amount of time alone at home, so here’s a list of things I usually do in those situations.

  1. Prance around in my underwear
  2. Cook ridiculously large meals for only one person
  3. Wake up super late, and surrounded by cats
  4. Watch cartoons the whole day
  5. Check in awe all the DIY on the internet and think “I should totally do that!!” and never do it
  6. Leave a parade of lights behind me when I go to the kitchen cause I am afraid of the dark.
  7. Go to sleep without having taken my pajamas off
  8. Dance like it’s going out of style.
  9. Reorganize drawers and purses
  10. Play Temple Run (But this is not something for the long run as it’s a random game I just started playing last week, but replace it with any other iPhone silliness)
  11. Bond over tumblr with people I’ll never meet in real life
  12. Think “I should really clean the studio” but never do anything about it.
  13. All sorts of digital projects thinking “I’ll print them!” And then never do.
  14. Take pictures of my cats
  15. Read about Sailor Moon on tumblr
  16. Write on my paper journal
  17. Pretend to be somewhere else when someone calls me, cause I am embarrassed to say I hadn’t left the room in the whole day
  18. Watch entire series within days
  19. Search for the most inane things on wikipedia
  20. Watch The Lizzie Bennet Diaries
  21. Leave countless of cap-less bottles around my bedroom.
  22. Check the blogs of people who either dislike me, or don’t know I exist

23 things that freak me out

When I say Freak me out I mean it on different ways, it could be as really creep me out, or just weird me out. Decide which one is it by yourself.

  1. Ghost Stories, I believe them all.
  2. The darkness, I always feel someone’s trying to get me
  3. Strangers following me, I am never sure of their intentions.
  4. Noises at night, specially when I am alone in the house.
  5. Strangers being overly friendly, they make me so uncomfortable.
  6. My cats playing around against my bedroom door, they make it sound like someone’s trying to get in.
  7. People who drive while on the phone, I always think they’re going to have an accident.
  8. Tickles, I dislike to be tickled, I feel in panic.
  9. Waking up in the middle of the night and finding the TV has gone off.
  10. Practical jokes involving stressful situations, like joking that they’re going to push you or something like that.
  11. Scorpions, they are so common in my city, and they scare the hell out of me.
  12. Open doors at night, I always think someone’s staring from the inside.
  13. Crowds, I feel so uneasy in them.
  14. People who sit awkwardly close to me in public spaces, unnecessarily close.
  15. Big bug nests in bushes, I always feel there’s
  16. Strangers wearing costumes.
  17. Pregnant Ladies, they give me the skeevies.
  18. Pregnant teens (they are different).
  19. Friends (or acquaintances) getting married and having kids
  20. Old friends that have become acquaintances that suddenly start texting me out of nowhere.
  21. Gardens, I always feel like they are full of spiders.
  22. When people curse while talking to me, i don’t do it, so it weirds me out when people do it in conversations with me
  23. Movies depicting extreme societal violence. I sometimes love them, but there is a point where i want to start crying.

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