Bottom Lip Biting

Lately I get this very weird and mixed emotions…
I Feel ridiculously good… yet sorrowful…
Nostalgic… and insecure…
Divine… and crawling on the floor…
Childish and gorgeous…

That dropdead, shimmering, weird stammering, bottom lip biting, puppy sweet emotional thing…

I feel something i don’t want to get rid of… I feel I want to give someone a hug.. and not let him go…
I feel this urge of being silly, and ridiculous, and childish, and girly, and i hear songs and i want to sing them outloud, and i have this rush, this rash, this itch…

And the only thing i can do is hide the phone from myself… and stop being a sissy coward in the fear of losing up something i hadn’t even gotten…
And remind myself how “All good things are wild and free” in an absolute urge of becoming Wild and Free myself…
Get a damn Grip girl, stop dreaming of this close range, smoldering eye contact, of this perfect, amazing, beautiful, just plain awesome, the blonde hair on the pillow, the outburst of laughter in the middle of the night, This friendship set on fire, and whatever makes me go back to him time after time…

Get a grip… but i can’t stop feeling this awesomely wild and free…

I constantly get this feeling

I constantly get this feeling

Damn…. I think I just fell in love…

15 reasons why my weekend was FAWESOME

This is the list of reasons why this weekend was FAWESOME. And, yes, I said FAWESOME…



  1. I raised my Tumblarity to 207 (yey!). I’m seriously getting obsessed with Tumblr, it makes me happy, and it inspires me so much, you wouldn’t believe it.
  2. I got to see pictures of my future dog. It’s so damn cute, I want it now! But i’ll be getting it until  Dec 18th.
  3. Finally got time to watch Kill Bill.I hadn’t yet, but as soon as i finish with this list, I will, Then I’ll tell you how I feel about it.

    Here comes the Bride :)

    Here comes the Bride 🙂

  4. Got new ideas for the last painting I’m do for my class, Controversial ideas. You’ll see pictures, be sure of that.
  5. Bought a new pair of earphones cause even though i love my huge pink headphones, sometimes it’s more comfortable to wear discreet earphones. These are baby blue and white.
  6. I Cut it off with negative people I sometimes can’t even stand. At least I just blocked them for a while.Sometimes I can’t elieve i still have people like these around me.
  7. Updated [] (ok, ok, i will with this) Lately i’ve been so empty of ideas. Ok, i do have ideas, but i don’t want to write about how happy I feel some days, every single time. I don’t want to bore you.
  8. Discovered I have the very same haircut Shiina Ringo had on her Watashi to Houden cover. She’s my favorite singer.

    I just comb it differently

    I just comb it differently

  9. I was told my Little Mermaid tattoo got posted on my tattoo artist’s Portafolio page. I still have to go and finish it up.
  10. Spent Sunday lazying around in Leon, I really needed this after the week that just finished.
  11. Read Tokyo Jihen (My favorite band) is having a new single out on my mother’s birthday. It’s always the same. Somehow they always release new stuff on important dates for me. 🙂
  12. Watched New Moon and loved every single second of it. Seriously, they did something amazing to the book.

    This poster is ridiculously fake and poorly done, but there's not a better description than this.

  13. Learned my grey stockings look fawesome, and i didn’t expect them to do. I normally look too young with that kind of clothes.
  14. Phineas and Ferb showed one of my favorite episodes. Haha, not that it really matters, but they can make my day, any day.
  15. Got to spend early Friday with someone real special. And even though it’s still sunday, I am still smiling. Still smiling

On the Down side, I think i lose my purple reading glasses, but tomorrow i might get a new pair.

That’s it. 🙂 Now, Make your own and share!

Let’s have an awesome week

It’s super late in Mexico, I am here, sitting on my kitchen table, listening to some Le Tigre, and writing this. I feel Oddly blissful.


Since this Wednesday it’s my birthday, i decided i was going to celebrate it the whole week, I already have some things planned for this to happen. This are my plans for this week (Yes, this is one of those self-centered updates, 🙂 )

(This is basically today) Have lunch with my friends at one of their houses. I chopped the tomato, though i can’t stand it, and hugged a kitty for a while cause he’s the best (I adore kitties) and then went underwear shopping, cause, you may not know this, but i love getting new pretty underwear.

Drink huge amounts of coffee with one of my best friends in my house while talking about ponicorns (F yeah!) music, art, pets, and then watch Kill Bill, cause I’m the only person i know who hadn’t seen it yet.

My birthday! My friends are coming over for lunch (Prepared by me!!), happy time, then movies with another friend, and maybe later we’re going to a coffee shop. <3. <3. I just want to be with the people i loooove <3

I’ll have my Only Vegan friend over for lunch, so it’s vegan day. Then, In the afternoon, nice date with a friend, this is the think i’m more excited about in the whole week.

Visiting my mom, going to watch ‘Coco Avant Chanel’, being the fashion enthusiast I am, I’ve been waiting for it for a while. Later, we’ll have dinner together, I miss my mom so much.

A friend from a nearby city will visit me. Movies and trips all around the city. I have yet to plan this day as you can see.

Sad panda comes back to the city cause the collective i belong to, has a big installation to work on, So that will be a long, long day. I guess. Things can go differently.

So, this is just a small update on how happy I am (and stressed out, but happy) 🙂 Don’t forget to congratulate Martinolli cause we boths celebrate our birthdays on the very same day. Just as Leonardo DiCaprio, Calista Flockhart and Demi Moore.

Amino Love and Acid Kisses

– Kou

Shiny Happy People: Ferretbite

From time to time one manages to bump into this amazing people who are certainly amazing without even knowing. This is the story of my very good friend Ferretbite. I met him about 3 years ago on SG. He was one of my very first friends there, and we got along pretty well right from the start.


He’s always been awesome to me, but the reason it’s something more specific i discovered today.

I’ve been intending to write an article called ‘How to be labeled as ‘cool’ by a random stranger’ full of silly ideas on how to make your life (and yourself in the way) a lot more interesting. Thinking about that i wondered: What makes someone awesome? I could think of a number of people, specially famous people i consider awesome for a variety of different reasons (Take for instance Gala Darling and Shiricki) but somehow Ferretbite kept appearing in my head. Yes, he’s a great friend, he’s always been there for me, and stuff, but then i realized something i hadn’t notice about him.

For about 6 months he has been telling me about this amazing little game on Facebook called Pet society. I know, some of you may already know it, some of you may like and some may not. Anyway, he has been telling me about how much fun this game was, about the great time he has playing it, how much he likes his pet, anyway, trying to lure me into it. I must tell you during all this time it just didn’t work with me :P.  I’m just not a game kind of person, not even video games (though i love tetris kids, tetris has always been my thing) But then one day, i decided to give it a try.

Boy, he was so right! I’m having so much fun playing that little game!

Ferretbite's pet Draco DeFuret

Ferretbite's pet Draco DeFuret

But this game is not the reason i’m writing about Ferretbite, at least not directly. After playing it for a while i noticed he’s not the kind of person who would tell every single one of his friends to join the game. He does it cause he actually believes you will enjoy it. That is what makes him awesome to my eyes.

He’s just not someone who is trying to lure you into doing something cause he wants to get a benefit out you doing it. He does it, cause he enjoys it so much, he’s so convinced you (you, among a lot of people) will too!

I just can’t help but loving people like this, people who think of others and share the joys in their life. That my friends is absolute and pure Awesomeness.

Now it’s your turn to put someone in the spotlight. Who do you think is awesome for an absolutely selfless reason? Share your Shiny Happy People!

20 Ways to Make a Great Day out of Your Free Day (Pt. 1)

Dear life 2Last week i discovered that from this week on i will have monday and Wednesday completely for myself (I decided to quit going to a particular class, great story of failure, don’t imitate me, kids) but since i really hate to lay around in bed until my sheets start feeling uncomfortable, well, i decided i would make a list of things i want to do with my new found free time.

Some of my ideas turned out so great i wanted to share it with you, guys, so here you have my 20 Ways to Make a Great Day out of Your Free Day:

  1. Make an Express Trip
    I know traveling is amazing, and traveling alone is a great adventure, but when you rarely have time for long trips, you have to create small quick adventures for your self. Go to the bus station or take your car and go to a close destination, a short 30 minutes trip to town near your city, have lunch there, walk around, take your camera with you and take lot’s of pictures of yourself in your mini adventure.
  2. Buy a Hamster
    Hamsters are such a low maintainance pet, and they are so cute, small and really lovable company. Take the word of a Hamster owner, you won’t regret incorporating one of these babies into your house. But be very careful if you already own a dog or cat.
  3. Wear high heels while house cleaning
    I know, i know, this is pretty much for girls only, and there isn’t much of a boy’s version for this, so i’m sorry for this point boys. But if you are a girl and hate to wear high heels in public, this is just for you. Practicing at home will give you the necessary skills to look smoking hot whenever you need to wear your heels out. I love shoes but have fragile feet, so i’ve spent literally hours practicing with this at home.
  4. Buy a small notebook and write all the inspiring quotes you can think of.
    In case you hadn’t notice i happen to love quotes, I even have a wall in my bedroom covered with amazing and inspiring quotes, so this is something i’ve been trying to do for quite a while, besides once you’re over writing your quotes, you’ll find yourself incredibly inspired! Writing something out makes it so real that it gets inside of you.
  5. Get a small Blackboard and write a ‘This week I love…’ list.
    I have a slightly different version of this glued to my bedroom and bathroom doors. Thinking every week about something new i love makes me feel really positive afterwards, and having it displayed somewhere visible will make the feeling last longer. Besides that way whenever you are feeling a bit down, you can force yourself to think of new things.

    I love...

    I love...

  6. Watch a Disney Renaissance movie
    Seriously, Disney Renaissance (DR) are the best movies Disney ever produced, if you don’t know what DR is and don’t want to check the Wikipedia article, this is a very fast definition: DR are all the movies Disney produced between The little mermaid (1989) and Tarzan (1999) 10 years of prolific magnificence. My favorite? Well, you may not know this, but i am a huge The Little Mermaid fan, and I think everyone should watch it, but that’s just me.
  7. Get a Political Pamphlet and write comments on the side as if you’re talking to the writer
    Or a Religious One, a magazine article, or even a story downloaded from Internet. It’s silly but somehow i find it really, really funny. I remember back in the days I was still a manga girl dying to read Angel Sanctuary and unable to find it anywhere (2003) I downloaded and printed the translations made by Yukie from and used to write little comments on the side for the characters. I remember having a lot of fun doing this, it was like letting them know what i thought of their actions.
  8. Read Poetry to yourself.
    Or your lover if you happen to have one. When i was younger, and by younger i mean 13, I was crazy over poetry, I still write some from time to time. But back then, i discovered some of the most amazing romantic poets (oh, the age). Over time I learned poetry wasn’t only about ‘you’re as amazing as the sky above’ and I found some mind shaking ones: Due to my geographic position, i know mainly of latin american poets, so this is my suggestion: Do you want love? Try Pablo Neruda and Benedetti. Do you want reflexion? Try Jaime Sabines and Ruben Dario. There are more, but those are my faves.
  9. Set a $10 budget and go to a $1 store
    Buy anything you want. I know this couple who used to do this from time to time. They bought the most amazing little things! Chattery Teeth, Wind-up chicks, Little Locks, Pencil cases, and other non-sense. Pretty much everything stopped working pretty soon, but still, they managed to use some of the items as art props.
  10. Get on a bus you normally don’t take, and go as far as you can.
    Normally when you set yourself a solid routine of going to School/work every day, we forget about the parts of our city that are constantly growing, just because we go to the same places every day. This is a great way to know your city a little bit better. You may find a new coffee shop, new magnificent stores or even a faster way to get to your destinations. Don’t forget to document!

This is all for now kiddies, I’ll come soon with Part 2 of this list, on the meanwhile, try one of this things and tell me how did you go. I am trying myself number 1 this week!

Amino Love and Acid Kisses

– Kou


“You may not be her first, her last, or her only. She loved before she may love again. But if she loves you now, what else matters? She’s not perfect – you aren’t either, and the two of you may never be perfect together but if she can make you laugh, cause you to think twice, and admit to being human and making mistakes, hold onto her and give her the most you can. She may not be thinking about you every second of the day, but she will give you a part of her that she knows you can break – her heart. So don’t hurt her, don’t change her, don’t analyze and don’t expect more than she can give. Smile when she makes you happy, let her know when she makes you mad, and miss her when she’s not there.”

– Bob Marley

I feel very related to this right now…

Every single boy/girl in the world should memorize this words and keep them close to their hearts. It’s so wise.

I will update you very soon on my Mad Hatter day, pics and everything are coming soon. Also, i have some other things i want to talk to you guys about. You’ll find out very very soon

Amino Love and Acid Kisses


Mad Hatter

Tomorrow will be International Mad Hatter’s Day, and this is the first time I get celebrate it! I’m truly excited!

Product Information

The first time i heard about Mad Hatter’s day was thanks to Gala Darling, and ever since i’ve been waiting for the day to come so i can properly celebrate it!

One of the accessories I like the most are Hats, I have a small variety of them, a fedora, a cowboy, a couple of Berets, military, winter and of 20’s inspiration. Besides there are other lovely head garments I sometimes wear that can be taken as hats, like headbands with feathers, brooches, scarfs, flowers, etc.

The Mad Hatter is simply one of my favorite characters from Alice in Wonderland, and since there’s a new movie coming on, (Starring Johnny Depp) it’s a great moment for you to celebrate it as well, so you can also join me on this one! My way to celebrate tomorrow will be creating a new hat for myself. I’ve been working on a few ideas from quite a while and i will go get some things for it today. Expect pictures!

Now, before i leave i will give you some visual aids from my favorite people wearing hats

The always gorgeous Shiina Ringo during her Dynamite Out tour is one of my main inspirations for a hat i’m not even sure i’ll get to wear cause it’s really really fancy and won’t go with anything on my extremely mundane wardrobe.

Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette, Looking extremely gorgeous!

Cameron is one my favorite celebrities with hats, she seems to have a huge collection of them and she always looks super stylish with them.

Jason Mraz showing how sexy and  amazingly cute boys look wearing hats.

And Perry the Platypus, (from Phineas and Ferb) just cause Hats totally make the Super Secret Agent Look.

If you decide to celebrate International Mad Hatter’s day, whether you decide to go for the always dandy fedora, the hobo beret, Secret Agent couture, sporty cap, cowboy chic hat, or sultry tulle covered top garment, take some pictures of you looking amazingly sexy wearing your piece!

Amino Love and Acid Kisses

– Kou

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