Ideas for saving money!


I am not really a frugal person. I love going shopping, and getting clothes, and stationery, and cute things that I actually don’t need, and having dinners with The Pony every saturday and buying stuff for people I love.

Because of all of these situations, I’ve come to find that it’s really difficult for me to save. I really try, but I’ve noticed that if I have the money laying around, I just use it.

Well, last year, I started implementing different different things to help me save money and have money available at all times. I’m going to explain them to you.


1 – I got a souvenir water bottle from the office and every time I got a $10 coin, I would get it in there. In about 6 months I filled it and got the equivalent of $400 Dlls. and I swear, my ponies, I didn’t even feel it. I didn’t really have any use for the money so I put it in the bank and it’s now gaining interests. Last year I did it twice, I used the first one to complete the payment for my computer, and for the second one, my mom joined me, and loved it as well. This year we’re planning a trip to NY in about 2 months, and I’m really trying to get it done by the time we get there, so I can use the money for all my expenses.

10peso coins

2 – You see that Purple tin can next to my Water bottle? Well, that’s my shopping can. Every weekend, I take all of my spare cash I have in my purse, and I save it there. Eventually, when I want to go shopping, I take the money I’ve saved there and use it to pay for my things. I might have to add a little extra, but the biggest part is covered by the money I already have there.


3 –  Piggy Bank! I don’t really have a piggy bank, but I superglued the lid on this cookie tin can, opened the top with a knife, and i’ve been saving a bit in it. I don’t really have a date for this, I’m just using it as a random piggy bank, and we’ll see what I’ll do with the outcome.

4 – 52 weeks saving challenge! I think this is the best know saving challenge there’s around. Here’s the idea: The year has 52 weeks, you put in a jar the amount of dollars corresponding to the week you’re in (week 1, $1; week 2, $2; week 17, $17; and so on) at the end of the year you have $1378 dlls. I am doing it with Mexican pesos, so it amounts to $13780 pesos. We’ll see what we can do with that. Also, you can do it in many different ways, You can start with the highest ($52 dlls – or $520 pesos-) or do it bingo style, make a chart, and pick the number you’re willing to give each week until you work your way through it.

I hope these ideas are helpful to you guys, I’m doing all of these, and it’s been really easy to save up money and control a little bit my expenses.

Speaking of expenses, I’m going to write a post about the way I take care of my expenses, and how I budget and stuff.




Love List for the Ponicorn Soul: Asylum, Utena, Journaling and more


Things have happened in my life in recent weeks, good and bad. I don’t think I’ll ever say much about the bad things (if I ever do at all) But let’s focus on the good ones, shall we? It’s been a while since the last time I actually did one of this, so let’s take it as a general update on my life.

  • I have more books and I actually became level 2 shopper at my local bookstore (that means, I get double the points for my purchases, which is good cause I can change them for more books, which is how I got Lena Dunham’s Not that kind of girl)
  • Speaking of books, I’m reading Asylum by Madeleine Roux, which is actually a big issue for me. I have a big problem with fear, and being easily scared, so reading this book, as absurd as it may sound, it’s actually a huge accomplishment for me, cause I am kind of exposing myself to something that scares me, and trying to control my responses. Those of you who might have read Asylum, maybe thinking I’m over reacting and the book is not as scary, and you may be right, but you guys don’t understand my struggle and how big of a deal this is for me; so I’m happy and all.
  • I know I have not really been here actively writing, but I’ve been Journaling a lot. I am actually holding two journals, my permanent one, and a journal on the go. I’ve been using my permanent Journal for a while now (picture below) It’s a regular hard cover notebook that I decorated and since I feel it is so personal, I really don’t think I’ll stop using it anytime soon. However, a week ago, I found a notebook that I really liked and I decided to use it as an On-the-go journal trying to document some thought and emotions I’ve been experiencing.


  • Instagram! I’ve been a lot on Instagram lately! I’ve met some amazing people there, and it has help me get more into the Filofaxing/Journaling community. A long, long time ago, I read an article on Hello Giggles called How Scrapbooking stopped me from running away, and it really resonated with me, cause for a long time in my teenage years I kind of used my journals as scrapbooks, time passed, I started blogging and I eventually stopped using them at all. Now that I am into Filofaxing, I can tell you that it has a little bit of scrapbooking to it and I’m really enjoying it.


  • Utena! I recently re-watched Utena with a friend and yes, I know I always say I love it and it’s one of my favorite animes ever, but now that I finally re-watched from start to end, I can very clearly remember why. It’s so amazing!! I don’t really like to talk too much about it here, but if you feel compelled to watch it and get your mind blow while you try to understand what is going on, be my guess, you won’t regret it at all.
  • I’m thinking about changing this site a bit. I’m not even sure, it comes and goes. For a while I thought I wanted to make some posts private cause I kinda wanted to hide things from my sight, then I figured I didn’t really care that much for it, but I wanted to change the general feeling of the site, so I don’t know. I might be changing things around soon. The least I can say is that it’s been in my head for a while, so it’s quite possible that it will happen.
  • Paleo Diet! For the last couple of weeks I’ve been trying to clean my eating habits, I’ve talked about it before, but candies and sweets are a big problem for me, so much that I always feel addicted to them, so, a couple of weeks ago, I decided to cut them from my life, and start eating a little better. So far it’s been 29 days since the last time I ate candies (I’ve had sweets from time to time, like birthdays and unavoidable situations) and I’m really happy. I’m trying to eat mostly paleo, but it’s really hard cause I have a Selective Eating Disorder that affects my consumption of fruits, so there’s that. But I’m not whipping myself because of it, I’m trying to actually enjoy it and all.
  • Guys, I seriously can’t stop listening to Chandelier. Send help.

I’m sure there are more updates my babes, but I’ll try to come back sooner to make actual posts about it, rather than lists with chunks of information.



P.S. Did you see Katy Parry tonight at the Super Bowl? Girl!!!! and Missy Elliot?? Amazing ladies being Amazing!!!

How Paper Towns Changed Me…

Whose art is this?

Whose art is this?

I guess It’s not a secret I am a John Green Fan. I bought Looking for Alaska about a year ago, and before I even had the chance to read it, I started The Fault in Our Stars and I was doomed.

That book ruined me for other books. It ruined me so much, I hadn’t even recovered from it.

But about a week ago I read Paper Towns. I have so many mixed feelings, I feel happy and sad, and overwhelmed. But what a magnificent book.

I’ve followed John Green everywhere I am capable of (that is to say, I do follow some of his tumblrs, but no all of them). He even has a specific tumblr dedicated to answering questions about Looking for Alaska, and one of his answers struck me as a lightening:

Books Belong to Their Readers

If books belong to their readers, Paper Towns is about my absolute inability to see others, to see past my imagination… I am encased in this person, I can’t see beyond myself…

And I am not even sure if it’s sad, or incredibly liberating…


You know what is awesome?

When I stop posting, and it kind of looks like I died, but then I come back and I’m like “hey, whats up?! I missed you guys so much!” And then to justify how busy I am, and how I hadn’t really have time for anything, I make a list of all the things that have been  happening in my life…

Yes… That is awesome…

Wanna know what else is awesome?

This picture of my cat judging you:


Also, a picture of me, looking fierce:


And A picture of the day the network at the office got hacked and the printer started printing troll faces, and the coordinator and I were just like “this is awesome!”


Yes, that’s pretty much what’s awesome right now.





A long time ago, while talking about The Dark Knight, somebody told me that the reason he found Heath Ledger’s Joker to be such a great and unsettling character was mainly because the character on itself messes with one’s idea of certainty with the way he states about 3 different stories  to explain his scars.

We’re used to characters being truly honest or truly deceitful, or at least have “no return” points where they truly become one or the other. We’re used to seeing black and white, but grey is unsettling.

The Joker is a good metaphor for the current state of my life. It’s not that I am afraid of the things I am going through, or that I am refusing to go through there, honestly been there, done that; but it’s just that the circumstances are different, and somehow, all of my certainties are messed. The things I once thought to be real, and true, and forever, have proven that are not. Nothing is set. Nothing has ever been set. And nothing will ever be. It’s done and dusted, and to be quite honest with you guys, I am sure I am the executioner.

You know what I’ve noticed? Nobody panics when things go “according to plan.” Even if the plan is horrifying! If, tomorrow, I tell the press that, like, a gang banger will get shot, or a truckload of soldiers will be blown up, nobody panics, because it’s all “part of the plan.” But when I say that one little old mayor will die, well then everyone loses their minds! Introduce a little anarchy. Upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos. I’m an agent of chaos. Oh, and you know the thing about chaos? It’s fair!

A few weeks ago, a friend and I were remembering this little speech The Joker gives to Harvey Dent. That is the grey, and I can totally see it as the chaos I am yet to face and fully become acquainted with. I can tell you guys that the only thing I am certain of, is that I don’t have a plan.

And I am waiting to.



It’s been three months
Over hundred days
Since you held my hand
And I miss you in
A thousand ways
Will I ever see you again?

– Everything

It’s been some really hard 3 months. But I am surviving them, and I am getting over them. At least a bit.

Today I went shopping and to the movies with my favorite Pony ever, Itzel. We watched About Time and even though it was easy to cry with the movie, we didn’t. We’re strong ponies. Whatever it was, we (and for some, I) managed to come up with some conclusions:

  • Rachel McAdams is Gorgeous and we love her with every fiber of our hearts. (Do not fret, I am still crushing on Maggie Gyllenhaal, that goes on forever).
  • Rachel McAdams always gets proposed by time travelers while she’s sleeping.
  • We wouldn’t know what to do if we had the possibilities Tim had. I wouldn’t know. But I’d never had kids.
  • It’s a good thing not to have access to internet for a while.
  • And the last one is mainly mine, but today, was the first day in almost 3 months that I’ve felt kind of myself. I am actually hopeful, and sort of happy.

Life has been hard for the last 3 months, and I’ve been shying away, in an attempt to not over feel anything. It’s been really difficult and stressful.

I’ve been obsessive, pathetic, insecure, depressed, over dramatic, and generally insufferable.  I really don’t know how to be sad. Depression, has been a general state of life for the past 5 years of my life, things have changed, mutated and gotten more and more difficult. I don’t even know where I am or how I’m doing right now, but I feel a little more confident.

There are things that will always make me feel sad and I’ve been kind of ok at handling that. Life can be tough, but so am I.  But then there are the last 3 months. I am not ready to discuss whatever happened, I just can’t, but I’ve been talking to humans in the flesh and crying like there’s no tomorrow. For this, I’d like to thank my boss (A), one of my co-workers (R), Itzel, Gelial, Hector, Gunsy and Mafa. With some I’ve talked a lot, with some not so much but the 7 of them helped so much.

About 2 weeks ago, something very intense happened, something that shocked my very core, and something I am yet to decide what to do with. I might decide it this Friday. I might also decide on Tuesday. But as it turns out, something completely different also occurred about 3 days ago. I don’t even know if that will amount to anything at all, but so far, it has changed my perspective on life. I am hopeful, and not only because of the possibilities that are presenting themselves, but because I am actually feeling in control of a lot of things that I felt escaped my hands. I’m going back to myself, and it feels good.

I’ve been saying everywhere that Lights is my current song. You see, I’ve said it before, but I’ve been really reluctant to let my environment get me to over think. I have enough of that on my own. Therefore, the only music I’ve been listening to is Dance music. Blessed be my pony Itzel for introducing Ellie Goulding into my life, cause as it turns out Dance music can contain strong emotions as well (Ain’t it right, Clarity?).

Captura de pantalla 2014-01-06 a las 01.44.43

Lights was composed based on Ellie Goulding’s childhood fear of the darkness. And I do tell myself that I’ll be strong and dreaming when they’re gone… Cause they’re calling, calling, calling me home… And I’ll be home.

I’ll try to be here a little more. I need to catch my breath…


P.S. I don’t even know if this is worth reading, but yes… I’m getting better, and I just wanted to share.


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