The Ponicorn life in short sentences


I’ve been busy. Not extremely, but still busy. I have work to do. I have things to finish for my web clients, and I have been takin training for my other job. Therefore, you are lacking updates here, in lieu of me, having updates IRL. Besides, I have not really been in the mood for a real post, so I am just going to update you on my life, with very short sentences… ok… paragraphs.

Captura de pantalla 2013-06-30 a las 03.54.47I am cleaning my room. Organizing my closet, and doing what would be called a “Summer Cleaning”. I might sell a bunch of stuff I have and never get to wear or use.

I am a bit angry at things that are either happening or not happening in my life (depending on the perspective). I am trying not to think about these things too much, cause they are still pretty raw. But yeah.

I think I finished my My Little Pony game. The ending was not all that cool, but I still want to get all of the ponies, so I might just continue to play it.

Captura de pantalla 2013-06-30 a las 03.55.02I finally got my copy of Looking for Alaska. I could’ve read it in English, but I am not a big fan of reading fiction in english. I can’t focus. Speaking of the book, I think I’ve never told you this, but, I am a big fan of loyalty and frequency cards. I have a card for all the places I normally visit, well I got one for the bookstore from which I got the book, AND, turns out I had all these nice points, that I could use for my purchase. Wanna know how much actual cash I ended up spending on this baby? Less than a freaking dollar. I feel like a real NerdFighter. #Nerdfighteria

Captura de pantalla 2013-06-30 a las 03.56.04I printed a bunch of pictures of me, my friends, my boyfriend and I, my cats, and other random things. I might get a couple of frames for some of them.

I got a Professional Digital Camera. I’ve been wanting one for a while, and I actually need it for school, so we’ll see.

I am thinking about starting a Youtube channel. I already have it, and I’ve been working the details, so you might see my face moving and speaking eventually. I am thinking about Spanish only though. I am still working it out.

Captura de pantalla 2013-06-30 a las 03.56.20A couple of weeks ago, some friends and I went to a comic convention here in my city, and even though I am not really an anime-girl, I have a soft spot for Sailor Moon among other things. Well, there was this guy who had a binder open with a bunch of anime cards on sleeves, and there were Sailor Moon cards. I really wanted to get a small souvenir for myself, so I started flipping through the pages, looking for a card I’d like to buy. Then, big surprise, he had a bunch of Utena cards in the back. I ended up buying 10, and the seller, gifted me with one. I love them.

Captura de pantalla 2013-06-30 a las 04.00.02Speaking of going out, I’ve been spending a lot of time with this gal right here. She’s my boss, and also a friend. Pretty much every weekend I’ve been going out with her, and it’s always been fun. Last weekend we watched Monsters University.

Today I went shopping. Sales! 6 cardigans (the ones I own are ripped already) 3 skirts, 3 shirts, and 2 pants. I am excited. I got pink pants!

I am planning on getting a bigger bed for my house. I sleep in a twin bed, and I think it’s time to make a transition. It’s gonna happen soon.

I guess there’s more, but I am a bit tired and I really need to sleep.

I was thinking about writing a bit about the way I organized my closet. I am not done yet, but maybe it could be a small series of  tips and lil tricks I implemented in my organization. What do you think? Would you like to see that? Let me know.



Quickie: Today…

I went shopping! 🙂 I know it’s stupid to be excited about vane things such as clothes and make up, but I am 🙂 Let me be!!

Just cause I never really get the chance to tell anyone about the things I buy, let me tell you about everything I got:-

  • 4 Pairs of jeans (blue, yellow, green and red) 
  • 1 Black shirt to retire my old black shirt
  • 3 Tank tops (Green with a pattern, red and blue)
  • 2 Hi-Lo dresses
  • 1 Gray skirt
  • 1 Lipstick
  • 1 Eyeliner
  • 1 Hairbrush

That’s all! I have in my bed a pile of clothes that I need to sort so I can go to sleep…

Tomorrow? It’s going to be a very long day… Very Long, and this past weekend I did a lot… So, I better leave..

P.S. There’s a winner to my giveaway… You’ll find out soon!



Grey days


Have I ever told you guys how much I love grey? Seriously, most of my clothes are grey and I love them so much! A few weeks ago, my boyfriend invited one of his best friend for dinner at my house, and he (my boyfriend) decided to dress full in grey to make me happy, seriously, it was super sweet, I love it that much.

I’d like to say that I reserve grey for special occasions, but truth is I don’t, I wear it like it’s going out of damn style. It makes me feel happy, joyful, energetic, and kind of like a grown up, but not that much; even though my mom swears it’s the saddest little color ever.

That’s why I decided to wear it tomorrow, that I am finally starting working for a new job. I am so happy and so excited right now! While I was picking my clothes and flat ironing my hair, I thought “Mmm.. It’s been a while since I last showed you guys a Polyvore collage with the clothes I wear!” so here it is, my sweet hearts, this Is what I’m gonna wear while I sign my contract.


For information on the clothes, and everything else, well, click here

Of course my clothes and accessories are not exactly like those, but they are way too similar. I am so excited!

I think I am going to go to bed, cause tomorrow will be a very busy day, and i need to get up really early. Ohh and a small update on the stories of my mouth: I am feeling much better, I still feel like I need to sleep with a surgical mask on, but I think I can talk a bit more and I can hold myself up as a general. I am happy!!

Good night, and amino kisses!


Good News, not so Good News.

About today, I moved this blog to my own server! Yey! It was about time! However, unfortunately, Some if not most of my Picture attachments didn’t come through. Which is sad, cause I have about 165 posts with an average or 2 or 3 pictures per post. Soooo.. they’re pretty much gone. Such a shame.

I refuse to let this get into my system and make me sad, So I’ll just deal with it and accept it.

Moving on.

Next monday I will (finally) be able to attend school. I am looking forward to it. I miss school I miss contact with other people. So 2 more days to go. Also, I very much miss the boy in a way I can’t even begin to explain, I really need the contact.

Have I mention that I have a new roommate? My cats already love her (I’ve seen pictures of her hugging them) but I am looking forward to actually living together, she’s a pretty cool chick. I still need to find another girl to live in the house, so any takers?

Yesterday, the cute as hell Charlotte gifted me with a Sailor Moon T-shirt. Well, she didn’t actually give it to me, she bought it and let me know. If you guys like it, go ahead and buy it cause you just have about 5 hours before it’s gone, gone, gone forever. You can buy it here. And it says “Sailor Soldiers. Crystal Tokyo” with a skull Usagi. (Picture on the right)

Lately Sailor Moon has become an intense topic of discussion. Specially since the new series is coming next year; it’s creating such speculation! I’ve been reading a lot about the original series, musicals and manga. I don’t think I am prepared to re-watch it (again cause I did it like 2 years ago) but I am getting in the mood for doing it at the end of the year. I want it to be 2013 already!

I’ve been thinking I would like to write a bit more here. Next year it’ll be 10 years since I started writing online, and I feel like it’s been a huge part of my development as a person. Most of the things I’ve written are lost for good, so it’s pretty much imposible to track my blogging past (at least from before I got into wordpress, cause ever since I’ve been keeping everything in file). I don’t want to lose the link with that part of myself. But sometimes I feel like I build expectations on what I am going to do with this space. I need to focus more on the things I want to write and the things I care about. I feel nostalgic.


I’ve been reading a lot. I need to re-organize all the widgets here, so you get a good grasp on what’s happening in my life. On a small update: I finished The Girl who kicked the hornet’s nest, and after a good while I continued reading Pride and Prejudice. In case that I hadn’t mention it before, I am a huge fan of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, and I am right now reading the same part they are at. Kind of. It’s hard to tell, cause they mix events, but I am about 20% into the book. I started reading it about 3 months ago, but ended up dropping it, in favor of The hunger games, now that I am over with those and the Millenium series, I decided it was time to carry on. So far I am enjoying it. I don’t even know why I stopped reading it.

Also, on a completely unrelated topic, I think it’s fair to say that since my pictures are gone, gone, gone, I’m gonna change my signature here. A few months ago I was experimenting with my iPad and I got something I really liked. I hope you like it too. And just so you know, yes, that’s both the way I handwrite my name, and the way I draw hearts, which I do pretty much every time I write my name, so this is the closest you’ll get to the real deal.


The clean up: Online Yard Sale

Hey hey!

Everyone who knows me, knows I own a damn lot of clothes, shoes and bags (I have 2 full closets back in my house, and another full at my mom’s). I love most of my clothes, t-shirts, and skirts, but I am also aware that over time I’ve accumulated a bunch of things that are neither flattering, nor my style.

At this moment, I’m going through a major life cleanse, and I want this to be reflected in all aspects of my life. I need to get the energy flowing, and all of this mess and clutter is not letting me move on. I need to get rid of all the things that keep me too attached to my past. That’s why I decided to do the following:

  1. Clean all of my closets of all the things I either don’t wear or don’t like. (This also goes for other things like 2 netbook sleeves that I never used – I’d never owned a netbook -, books, accessories and whatnot).
  2. Take pictures of each and every single item.
  3. Set up a couple of facebook albums, compiling everything .
  4. And sell it off. Prices will go as low as $10 (mexican pesos)
  5. Anything that is not sold, will be donated. But really, consider buying something.

So, if you know me, know my clothes, bags and everything, and want to get your hands on a particular item you like, ASK FOR IT!! I might be selling it! Wanna know about some of the things that will go online?

  • A bunch of my SuicideGirls items (my old school hoodie is going, some t-shirts, a calendar with illustrations by Rion Vernon and maybe some stickers)
  • Designer shoes I never wore
  • Vintage Purses
  • and more!

I think I’ll be ready to set it up around February 1st., so, check it all about that time.

Anime Girls get dressed

I decided to make Polyvore sets inspired on my favorite Anime Girls (some of them are missing :(). I am too old to cosplay (which, to be honest won’t stop me from doing it) but I wanted to show how Anime likeness can be incorporated into a regular wardrobe, and still look like a normal person.

sailor moon

Sailor moon inspired. I think this is a nautical yet very Sailor Moon look anyone can pull off any day and get away with it. I love the Balenciaga Boots, very fitting. I would wear it to lunch on summer.


Utena Inspired. I find this a bit tomboyish, just like Utena herself, and very equestrian. I love the little sword earrings, what a great way to add fencing into your wardrobe without having to carry a huge sword all the way! And the rose shows you’re ready to start dueling. I would wear this to work.


Chii (Chobits) inspired outfit. I hate to think that this is only inspired on Freya, but, hey, I’m not big on the whole sweet lolita thing. I would wear this to a fancy dinner with the boyfriend, and maybe to the theatre.

Ashita no nadja

Ashita No Nadja. The sweetest of them all. This is a very Picnic outfit, yet cool enough to hang out and run errands. I love the Art in the streets book, very Dandelion, and the heart brooch is a nice replacement of the actual brooch.

Candy candy

When it comes to Girls trying to find her destiny, Candy Candy is my girl. This is a very chilled outfit, good for spending time with friends on a summer afternoon.

Naru Narusegawa

And what am I wearing today? A Naru Narusegawa inspired piece. I hate the picture, cause it doesn’t really show the side of Naru I am trying to portray, but if you’ve seen the anime, you know what I mean. Laid back, super comfty yet very lovely clothes.


My fashion essentials: Gloves

I have many fashion obsessions, I adore all kind of McQueen Shoes, hot pink accessories, lingerie and Chloe handbags. Among these, one of the things I love the most, are leather gloves. It’s not just about my latest obsession with Lady GaGa and the fact that she loves to wear them, it’s about the sexy feeling in your hands when you wear them, it’s about how incredibly comfortable and warm they keep you, and of course, it’s about how classic and stylish they look, I just love them all, fingerless, driver, half scoop, I love them!

As you may remember from my 5 self-indulgent things list, I’d always wanted to own a pair of good leather gloves in black… or hot pink. Well, Today, I got the chance to finally buy a pair.

They are so cute, I love them, I got them from my local Zara store, they were the last pair, and they were (surprisingly) in good conditions (I hate it how people tend to be careless when they try on this kind of things on the store). They’re a gift from my mom, and they come just in time since the cold season is just starting.

I tend to spend a lot of my time riding a friend’s motorbike, and you have no idea how cold my fingers can get, now I can’t wait to wear them!

If you’d never had the chance to try a pair of leather (or even good quality faux-leather if that’s your call) gloves, you have no idea what you’re missing, once you try them you’ll never go back to mittens or knitted gloves, besides, they’ll draw a lot of attention to your hands, and they’ll look much sexier on these.

Give these a chance, I promise you won’t regret incorporating them into your winter wardrobe, leather gloves are always in fashion, and I definitively love how mine look and I’m sure I’ll give them a lot of use.

Places to shop?

Ines Gloves has a very wide selection of fashion, and winter gloves, for both sexes.
Leather Gloves Online is an obvious choice including all sorts of functional and stylish gloves.
Zara and Mod Clothes also have amazing styles.


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