The clean up: Online Yard Sale

Hey hey!

Everyone who knows me, knows I own a damn lot of clothes, shoes and bags (I have 2 full closets back in my house, and another full at my mom’s). I love most of my clothes, t-shirts, and skirts, but I am also aware that over time I’ve accumulated a bunch of things that are neither flattering, nor my style.

At this moment, I’m going through a major life cleanse, and I want this to be reflected in all aspects of my life. I need to get the energy flowing, and all of this mess and clutter is not letting me move on. I need to get rid of all the things that keep me too attached to my past. That’s why I decided to do the following:

  1. Clean all of my closets of all the things I either don’t wear or don’t like. (This also goes for other things like 2 netbook sleeves that I never used – I’d never owned a netbook -, books, accessories and whatnot).
  2. Take pictures of each and every single item.
  3. Set up a couple of facebook albums, compiling everything .
  4. And sell it off. Prices will go as low as $10 (mexican pesos)
  5. Anything that is not sold, will be donated. But really, consider buying something.

So, if you know me, know my clothes, bags and everything, and want to get your hands on a particular item you like, ASK FOR IT!! I might be selling it! Wanna know about some of the things that will go online?

  • A bunch of my SuicideGirls items (my old school hoodie is going, some t-shirts, a calendar with illustrations by Rion Vernon and maybe some stickers)
  • Designer shoes I never wore
  • Vintage Purses
  • and more!

I think I’ll be ready to set it up around February 1st., so, check it all about that time.

Happy holidays!!

A few months ago i was joking with my boyfriend about using this picture of Katamari to make Holiday cards and mail them to my family and friends saying “The Aminoacid Family is wishing you happy holidays!” Well, that’s pretty much what it says.

It was a bit short noticed, and I didn’t actually mail them, more like posting it on Facebook and tagging the living hell out of my friends there. But I had fun doing it.

P.S. Just so you know, my cat is not really wearing a hat. I totally tricked you, ha!

A badass motherfucker

This is part of a conversation with a friend, regarding this picture i posted yesterday:

Him : yeah.. arroz only lived at your grandma’s and in the tiny apartment…
Me : yup
Him : at first i thought it was cilantro… but the room doesn’t match.. and it is too big to be him… (thats what she said) (sorry)
Me :  lol, he was super puffy, seriously, I think puffier that katamari, and that’s saying a lot.
Him :  he was an awesome motherfucker cat
Me : i know!!! he was the super coolest
Him : did you know today is samuel l jackson’s birthday?
Me : I didn’t. wow
Him : thats were i got the badass motherfucker thing in my head
Me : hahahaha. Arroz should’ve had a badass motherfucker wallet
Yeah, my friends and I are full of pop culture references. Besides, this cat was kind of a big deal for this particular friend, they got along amazingly well. We all miss this cat.

I’ve been having some troubles writing here, mostly because anything that has been happening in my life lately, is either too personal for me to share, or too boring for you to read. Either way, I’m here.

Last week I started going to psycho-therapy to deal with some issues I’ve had in the back of my head the last few years. Last week the whole deal was about me talking and explaining to the kind lady who’s helping me, why I felt I needed to be there and what I expected to get out of the whole experience.

I got some pretty harsh reality checks that day, and I spent the majority of my week trying to figure out how I felt about the whole thing.

As of Saturday I was feeling pretty good, not that I was particularly bad at any point, I was just a bit shaken, I mean, who wouldn’t? I’ve been trying to turn my life around for as long as I can remember, which could pretty much be summarized as my entire adult life, and if you think about it, it’s kind of sad that I had not been able to overcome things as unhealthy relationships and stuff.

But anyway, saturday night was the right moment, as I was already feeling confident, and happy, I decided I would start taking steps into the life I wanted to have. And I did on sunday. I took the first and kind of scariest one.

I’ve been here before. I’ve done this. This is actually not new in any way. What makes this time different, is that I am not alone. Not that I hadn’t had support before, I have. But it’s hard to get any sort of healthy help when people is biased. It’s ok. Friends are there to be biased.

If you are a close friend of mine, chances are, you already know what I’m talking about. If you are close to me and you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, please, don’t feel excluded, people who know this, either know it because they’ve been with me right when something had happened, or have bumped with me in a moment of crisis. Otherwise, I just rather not talking about it under any circumstances.

Today, I went into therapy again. I ended up feeling way better than the last time (probably because last week’s reality check was a true revelation and what is left to do is just work on the things that need to be worked on.

I don’t know. I feel a bit overwhelmed right now, but I also feel fine. I’ll let you know whatever happens.

Edited to add: In case you are wondering the title of this post means I actually forgot to write a title. I don’t care and I will leave it like that. It’s suiting.


33 people who have influenced my life

Do you know Molly Crabapple? She’s one of my biggest inspirations as an illustrator, artist and entrepreneur, the way she has built her brand and affected the art community in general is impressive and great example of perseverance. Besides, the woman is mad beautiful and talented.

The thing is, a couple of months ago, she started this mesmerizing thing called “Sixty Six Project” in which she drew portraits of 66 friends she admired. She pretty much posted one a day on her Tumblr account and I followed her every post waiting for those I also know and admire (such as Gala Darling, Zoetica Ebb, Neil Gaiman, Margaret Cho and Stoya). Pure amazement.

This week I snapped with one of my friends, I was feeling a bit sad and overwhelmed with a lot of things that are happening in my life, and I kind of needed to vent a bit, cry a bit, talk a bit. We made a plan to start moving on and working on things that were bugging us. One of my goals is to work on my art skills and general art production. We already have plans and projects.

That’s how I remembered Molly’s “Sixty Six Project“, and decided to attempt drawing portraits, seeing how I actually suck at doing it, I see it as an opportunity to improve.

So for the next couple of months, I’ll be drawing about 33 portraits of people I consider close and/or significative in my life, stemming from my old-school blogging sisters, to big inspirations in my life. I’ll try to post here whenever I complete a portrait, specially since I have things to say about each one, but I will also post all the portraits on a special page here, as well as the list of all my subjects.

It’s actually pretty sad that I am not at home now, since I already finished the first one. So you’ll have to wait.

I’m so excited!

As you were…

Buffy: It’s over. 
Spike: I’ve memorized this tune, luv. Think I have the sheet music. Doesn’t change what you want. 
Buffy: I know that. I do want you. Being with you… makes things… simpler. For a little while. 
Spike: I don’t call five hours straight a little while. 
Buffy: I’m using you. I can’t love you. I’m just… being weak, and selfish… 
Spike: Really not complaining here. 
Buffy: And it’s killing me. I have to be strong about this. I’m sorry William. 

Ferretbite and I had a long conversation that revolved around Buffy the Vampire Slayer; S6E15: As you were to be precise.

I’m posting this here, just as a reminder of all the things we talked about: I need to stop being week and selfish. I need to be strong about all the things that are going on in my life.

Back in time

A long time ago I lived in Uruapan Michoacan (When it was a more peaceful city), I loved living there, it was such an amazing and beautiful city. I still have a lot of friends living there and plenty of memories.

This week, after about 2 years away, I went back for a couple of days. I relived a lot of things, and some pictures. I missed the city so much, I missed my friends, I didn’t have time to meet with all the friends I wanted, but I had a great time, I meet with Jean Paul and he gifted me with a book he illustrated and a calendar he took part of (you can check a lot of his work on the link), I was so happy to see him.

I really want to go back there, the air, the food, the people, everything makes me feel so good. It’s so sad to know I won’t be able to do it very soon.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this, I have to get ready cause I’m going back to school on Monday, I’m not happy about all that ‘Going back to school thing’  but I miss my house, my cat and my boyfriend so much. I want to go back, I miss my own space so much.

So, see you soon kids.

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