Best of 2010

I found this on TUMBLR a few days ago, and I thought it was a good idea to incorporate into the “End of 2010” posts. So here you go.

I love all of my friends, pretty much equally (As I don’t consider a lot of people as a friend, they already pretty damn special in my heart), but this year, Gelial and I had to share a lot and we finally came to terms about our past.

2) LIFETIME SERVICE AWARD (longest friend)
My lovely Charlotte would have to go here. I can’t really recall how long has it been since we met, but damn it’s been long. This year we got to spend a little more time together than usual due to her constantly coming back from USA, and it was awesome.

I met a lot of new people in my new school, I think I am yet to consider them friends, but there was this girl who did an awesome thing for me back in November, so I’ll say Yunuen.

March… I had plenty other good moments, but still, March was amazing.


My Anniversary with my boyfriend.

6) YOUR SONG FOR 2010?
Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku – Utena’s Soundtrack

Inception, I swear, I loved it so much.

Honestly, I can’t remember, I think it was an absolutely meaningless day to me, since back then I wasn’t that sure about how serious things were between my boyfriend and I (I am that weird).

A Girl wearing PJ’s. I swear. One of the most exhausting days in my year. My boyfriend and I went o Divymode’s party and I was literally falling asleep. Quoting her ‘You look tired and the fact that you’re wearing pajamas makes it even more evident’

I think I renewed my love for Truco 7. After trying many over the year, I discover it’s better than many others and cheaper.

I can’t tell exactly when it happened, but it was on a day my boyfriend was at home cooking with me, I was chopping mushrooms and we were talking, suddenly I got quiet, holding the knife in my hand and I felt like I had to kiss him, he was looking at me when I turned around and we kissed, for a loooong loooooong time. Best kiss ever, I swear.

Go to Design School, start my own business.

I’ll have to refer you to this post.

“Sure, I can walk to the bathroom”

Two and a half man. I started watching it this year and I loved it.

<3 Genízaros. I love them.

I did not get my heart broken this year.

Easter. That’s all I have to say.

Then again, this post.

Those mornings


I had to post one of these to find mine...


As I know you’re dying to know, everything went well with my boyfriend, better than expected. We had no problem whatsoever, I won’t say his reasons to be worried were out-of-place, cause I can see and understand them very well, but it was none of what I thought, however we did get the chance to talk about some things that stressed me out during those days, so after all, it was a win-win situation.

I don’t want to bore you guys with details of my intimate life, when I know all you want when you come here are Juno quotes, read me talking about Gala Darling, tattooed girls and Celebrities wearing hats, even though I’ve mentioned all of the previous (with the exception of Gala Darling) only once (I do check my stats); but… How amazing is to wake someone up by kissing him until his eyes start to open! I am normally a ‘late night, early morning person’, but my boy is more of a ‘late night, then sleep all you want’ kind of guy, so whenever he stays with me, we talk up until 5 am and the next morning I wake up way earlier than him and watch cartoons until he feels the need to wake up, this week I had to leave earlier so I decided to kiss his face until he’d wake up in an impromptu smooch session. He did wake up, and he did so, with the most fantastic smile on his face.  Most amazing thing I did this week for sure. Period.

Speaking of something completely different: Last few weeks have been hell, and this week? This week will be entitled: A week of change. Apparently, the boy and I are both going to be a bit too busy to meet, so we might not, he has all these doctor appointments and work, work, work, and meetings with friends and things to do, and I have all this homework, and parties, and costumes, and troubles. Speaking of, I am looking for two Girl Roommates, anyone? Didn’t think so, but if you happen to know anyone looking for a place to live, send’em my way! I have so, so much to do, I’ve been busy so far, but just before my finals, this is going to be my busiest week ever. I can’t way for vacation.

What are my plans so far? Every vacation period i write a list of activities I plan on accomplishing by the end, last time it included things like ‘shooting a video’ ‘learning how to use this and that’ ‘organizing stuff’, this time I am starting to plan ahead, and I already grabbed the last empty Moleskine I have and started plotting for the next months. I have so many courses to take, I need to get a job (a dreamed one would be perfect, but a paying one would be even better) and  of course, I have to promote, promote and promote. If it wasn’t because I love to do it, I would look like a lot of work to do, but it doesn’t so I just can’t wait.

Anyway ponies, I’m about to finish my first movie chronicle here, so stay put. I’ll be back super soon.


Good things happen in life

The picture above has literally nothing to do with this entry, it is just a school assignment I just happened to love and wanted to share, I hope you like it as much as I do. It’s a collage, I just scanned it :).

I hate to get all hocus pocus in here, but I HAVE to say it:

It’s so amazing when you set your mind into something, when you decide you WILL accomplish something, and then let it go, so sure and confident that it will happen, and then, oh my gosh, it does.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to stop messing around and start actively working on everything I needed to *finally* start running my own business. I decided that by my next birthday, (not this year, but 2011) I’d have accomplished a specific goal I set for myself in this area. Well, today I got to talk to a very dear friend I had not seen in almost 2 years.

We just spent about 3 hours talking, and pretty much as we’re saying goodbye, he says ‘Oh, hey! I have this business proposal you might be interested in’ And guess what? I am…

I am so happy. I just have to share. Manifest, people, manifest. I have so much to do, and it’s so so late.

Good night.

Sharing the Love

Cause it’s time for a good list to come.

As you may have read, I wasn’t feeling very happy last week. I am way better right now, mainly because I received a text during the night that pumped my mood, that’s why I suddenly decided to share some of my reasons to be happy, so here it goes from yourstruly with lots of love.

  • Recommending DAR comic to Gala Darling and then seeing how much she liked it on her Carousel. Then seeing how Erika Moen (DAR creator) loved being linked there. Erika Moen is one of my personal heroes and I even cite her as an influence on my artwork.
  • Receiving my business cards. They are so cute! I love how they look like two different cards in one. You have the Front picture up here, I won’t be posting the back, cause it has my personal info, and well, that would be stupid.
  • Working on friend and personal websites.
  • Medicinal Marzipan. I found this website on one of my nightly routines of reading through FML, OMG Facts, Six Billion Secrets, GMH and LGMH (in that order) before going to bed and I found it through the BlogHer network. Medicinal Marzipan? Such a great website!

  • These two guys make my life really awesome. I love them to pieces
  • Thinking about giving [] a small revamp. Next friday is the first anniversary (for real, not the one I posted about two months ago) and if things go as I plan them I will concrete the revamp on Aug-Sept. Too soon to talk, but still.
  • My Video Production class. If I’m not mistaken it will be over nest week and I just had the best idea for my video.

Sometimes you need a formal memo

  • The super funny, cute and amazing stationary lists on Modcloth. Pretty indeed
  • Trying to get my hands on a copy of Stardust, cause I love talking about movies and I know the boy would just love the story. Speaking of…
  • The boyfriend. I can’t stress how happy I am that this super amazing boy I am in love with got into my life. That’s all.
  • Wanting to go back to school. It’s not even that. I want to go back to my life, to my city, to my house, to the things I know and love, like seeing my friends, having a big-big store 50 mts. away and cooking for myself.

  • Why have I been watching iCarly so much for the past two days? Why have I been enjoying it this much? Have you noticed Miranda Cosgrove looks a lot like Lucy Liu? Is it just me? Yes? Ok Mysteries in life…
  • Wondering what would I do if I just had a couple of months to live. I wonder. I wonder… Do you?
  • Thinking through a lot… A lot…

What do you love right now, ponies?

The Friday Song: Hollow like my soul

A few years ago, my best friend and I had this website The Friday Song, in which we asked music related questions every friday. This is the evolution.

I just came back from Mexico City. My friends Dafne, Abraham, Jose and I went on a cultural tour, our main goal was to go to Magritte’s Exhibit before it was over (we did it!) and (at least from my perspective) it proved that we can travel together without killing or hating each other (something that would’ve happened if we were other people). It was nice. I’d love to go back.

Every time I am in that city I reach to the conclusion that I love it. It gives me the same feeling San Francisco gives me. I think it has to do with the fact that both of them are big cities, and (in the case of Mexico City, at least its downtown) really beautiful. I just love it. I really want to go back.

Anyway, let’s get back to TFS. I think I have a confession to make: Ever since I posted Lady Gaga’s Wonderful I hadn’t been able to kick that song out of my head. It’s been there, repeating itself over and over again. So for today’s song, I just decided to play my iTunes on shuffle and pick the fist song I’d like to share.  The lucky one is Hollow like my soul – Emilie Autumn.

For some random reason, this song reminds me a lot of my boyfriend: About two years ago, I was deeply in love with him, with no hope whatsoever of us getting *back* together (yes, we dated for a while in the past and it failed miserably), back then I remember listening to Emilie Autumn night and day. One of the songs that I listen to the most was this one. Not that it really has (or had) anything in common with the way I felt back then, but still, the whole context had to do with my boyfriend. So, now I can help but thinking about him when I listen to it.

Luckily, things change within time, and now we’re back together, happier than ever and trying to avoid all the weird things that broke us apart in the past. I think that, in a way we both feel as if that time never actually happened. We’re just focusing on the good things. But I digress, here you have, Hollow like my soul.

Hollow like my soul

You think that you’ll get by
You will die
You will cry
When you think that you’ll survive
Just don’t try
Run and hide
My eyes are hollow like my soul

You think that you’ll get by
You will die
You will cry
When you think that you’ll survive
Just don’t try
Run and hide
My eyes are hollow like my soul

Just as I was walking by
My soul died
My heart cried
When you think that you’ll survive
Just don’t try
Run and hide
My eyes are hollow like my soul

So many times I ask myself
So many times I wonder why
So many times I ask myself
So many times I wonder why

You think that you’ll get by
You will die
You will die
When you think that you’ll survive
Just don’t try
Run and hide
My eyes are hollow like my soul
My eyes are hollow like my soul

Hollow like my soul
You think that you’ll get by
You will die
You will cry
When you think that you’ll survive
Just don’t try
Run and hide
Run and hide
Run and hide

Hope you enjoyed it, Emilie Autumn is one of my favorite singers. And remember, you gotta bang your Betty bongoes.

Shiny Happy People: Ferretbite

From time to time one manages to bump into this amazing people who are certainly amazing without even knowing. This is the story of my very good friend Ferretbite. I met him about 3 years ago on SG. He was one of my very first friends there, and we got along pretty well right from the start.


He’s always been awesome to me, but the reason it’s something more specific i discovered today.

I’ve been intending to write an article called ‘How to be labeled as ‘cool’ by a random stranger’ full of silly ideas on how to make your life (and yourself in the way) a lot more interesting. Thinking about that i wondered: What makes someone awesome? I could think of a number of people, specially famous people i consider awesome for a variety of different reasons (Take for instance Gala Darling and Shiricki) but somehow Ferretbite kept appearing in my head. Yes, he’s a great friend, he’s always been there for me, and stuff, but then i realized something i hadn’t notice about him.

For about 6 months he has been telling me about this amazing little game on Facebook called Pet society. I know, some of you may already know it, some of you may like and some may not. Anyway, he has been telling me about how much fun this game was, about the great time he has playing it, how much he likes his pet, anyway, trying to lure me into it. I must tell you during all this time it just didn’t work with me :P.  I’m just not a game kind of person, not even video games (though i love tetris kids, tetris has always been my thing) But then one day, i decided to give it a try.

Boy, he was so right! I’m having so much fun playing that little game!

Ferretbite's pet Draco DeFuret

Ferretbite's pet Draco DeFuret

But this game is not the reason i’m writing about Ferretbite, at least not directly. After playing it for a while i noticed he’s not the kind of person who would tell every single one of his friends to join the game. He does it cause he actually believes you will enjoy it. That is what makes him awesome to my eyes.

He’s just not someone who is trying to lure you into doing something cause he wants to get a benefit out you doing it. He does it, cause he enjoys it so much, he’s so convinced you (you, among a lot of people) will too!

I just can’t help but loving people like this, people who think of others and share the joys in their life. That my friends is absolute and pure Awesomeness.

Now it’s your turn to put someone in the spotlight. Who do you think is awesome for an absolutely selfless reason? Share your Shiny Happy People!

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