The magnificence

This year is meant to be magical. I swear.
It’s not like i am expecting anything out of order to happen, but, I am more than happy with the way it’s working out so far…

Well,well, updates, that’s what we want.

Just about yesterday, i received a ‘Crowning your beautiful life’ tank top somebody was nice enough to buy me. It’s the cutest, and softest tank top ever. Picture for reference, Isn’t Gala the most amazing doll ever?

Gala Darling

Gala Darling

Also, I just learned my really good friend Adjani (Founder of Elespejismo) is coming to Guanajuato during the FIC (in October), with this i’ll have two friends (maybe three if Bellica decides to come) visiting around the same time, including the super awesome Gelial. That’s great!! I love having people around in town.

School is super dandy, my friends are the coolest and life is amazing. I’m rediscovering the person i am, and i’m loving it, I keep this wall on my bedroom full of post-its with quotes, lyrics, messages and memories. I need to remain positive all the time. So far, so great.

Well, i’ve been asked a lot about this new thing with my life, about why am i talking about my clothes so much what is that thing about letting sequins into my life. I’m not trying to look vain, but i think i will get a little bit deeper into that on the next post.

That’s all right now people, I have to run cause my painting class starts in about 30 and I’m walking, so i’d better go.
I’ll be back soon people, i have a lot of things to tell.



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