Ideas for saving money!


I am not really a frugal person. I love going shopping, and getting clothes, and stationery, and cute things that I actually don’t need, and having dinners with The Pony every saturday and buying stuff for people I love.

Because of all of these situations, I’ve come to find that it’s really difficult for me to save. I really try, but I’ve noticed that if I have the money laying around, I just use it.

Well, last year, I started implementing different different things to help me save money and have money available at all times. I’m going to explain them to you.


1 – I got a souvenir water bottle from the office and every time I got a $10 coin, I would get it in there. In about 6 months I filled it and got the equivalent of $400 Dlls. and I swear, my ponies, I didn’t even feel it. I didn’t really have any use for the money so I put it in the bank and it’s now gaining interests. Last year I did it twice, I used the first one to complete the payment for my computer, and for the second one, my mom joined me, and loved it as well. This year we’re planning a trip to NY in about 2 months, and I’m really trying to get it done by the time we get there, so I can use the money for all my expenses.

10peso coins

2 – You see that Purple tin can next to my Water bottle? Well, that’s my shopping can. Every weekend, I take all of my spare cash I have in my purse, and I save it there. Eventually, when I want to go shopping, I take the money I’ve saved there and use it to pay for my things. I might have to add a little extra, but the biggest part is covered by the money I already have there.


3 –  Piggy Bank! I don’t really have a piggy bank, but I superglued the lid on this cookie tin can, opened the top with a knife, and i’ve been saving a bit in it. I don’t really have a date for this, I’m just using it as a random piggy bank, and we’ll see what I’ll do with the outcome.

4 – 52 weeks saving challenge! I think this is the best know saving challenge there’s around. Here’s the idea: The year has 52 weeks, you put in a jar the amount of dollars corresponding to the week you’re in (week 1, $1; week 2, $2; week 17, $17; and so on) at the end of the year you have $1378 dlls. I am doing it with Mexican pesos, so it amounts to $13780 pesos. We’ll see what we can do with that. Also, you can do it in many different ways, You can start with the highest ($52 dlls – or $520 pesos-) or do it bingo style, make a chart, and pick the number you’re willing to give each week until you work your way through it.

I hope these ideas are helpful to you guys, I’m doing all of these, and it’s been really easy to save up money and control a little bit my expenses.

Speaking of expenses, I’m going to write a post about the way I take care of my expenses, and how I budget and stuff.




Colors of my life…


Pink is my favorite color… Along with grey, and together they make me cheerful and happy. I love pink, but there’s nothing like a good grey. I love grey.

True fact is, that if you ever see me wearing a turquoise shirt, chances are, I slept wearing that. I don’t even know why, but it has become my favorite color to sleep in. My bedspread is turquoise, my blanket is turquoise. It soothes me.

Green and blue are the colors of my pictures. My favorite shades, my favorite tints…

Yellow is the color of my walls. All of my walls. I am surrounded.

Red is a color too elegant to wear.



I’ve taken these pictures at different points of the year, They are so similar…


My two cats looking distracted.


My feet…


Stuff on my bed…


Walls around me…


Places I’ve visited…





I’m pretty damn sure I have more, but I am a bit tired and don’t want to dive into all my pictures…

What I can tell for sure, is that:

  1. I love taking pictures with plenty of color
  2. Though I am mostly inclined towards greens, magentas and blues.
  3. I love textures so much
  4. I can’t get enough of my feet
  5. My cats are ever present

What do you think? It’s been 75 days of the year, and I’ve posted 75 pictures on Flickr. So far I am still enjoying it.



22 things I do when I am alone at home

I usually spend a big amount of time alone at home, so here’s a list of things I usually do in those situations.

  1. Prance around in my underwear
  2. Cook ridiculously large meals for only one person
  3. Wake up super late, and surrounded by cats
  4. Watch cartoons the whole day
  5. Check in awe all the DIY on the internet and think “I should totally do that!!” and never do it
  6. Leave a parade of lights behind me when I go to the kitchen cause I am afraid of the dark.
  7. Go to sleep without having taken my pajamas off
  8. Dance like it’s going out of style.
  9. Reorganize drawers and purses
  10. Play Temple Run (But this is not something for the long run as it’s a random game I just started playing last week, but replace it with any other iPhone silliness)
  11. Bond over tumblr with people I’ll never meet in real life
  12. Think “I should really clean the studio” but never do anything about it.
  13. All sorts of digital projects thinking “I’ll print them!” And then never do.
  14. Take pictures of my cats
  15. Read about Sailor Moon on tumblr
  16. Write on my paper journal
  17. Pretend to be somewhere else when someone calls me, cause I am embarrassed to say I hadn’t left the room in the whole day
  18. Watch entire series within days
  19. Search for the most inane things on wikipedia
  20. Watch The Lizzie Bennet Diaries
  21. Leave countless of cap-less bottles around my bedroom.
  22. Check the blogs of people who either dislike me, or don’t know I exist


I’ve been trying to come here and post, but i’ve been too messed up to actually sit and write down everything that’s in my head. There’s just so much.

This week, the boy came to visit and we had this amazing day. We went to this park I’ve been visiting and we talked about how things have been lately with your mutual lives (I am staying at my mom’s at the moment, so we hadn’t really seen much of each other), then we got into this interactive museum and we had a lot of fun. I took a photo of him trying to solve a number puzzle, we both tried to solve it at the moment, but it was a bit hard, and just about 1 hour ago, he sent me a text saying he finally solved it.

I’ve been reading a lot too, So far this year I’ve read:

  • Interview with the vampire (2nd. run)
  • Lestat the vampire (2nd. run)
  • Lucky
  • 4 of the Pretty Little Liars Books
  • The entire Hunger Games trilogy
And I am already starting with the Girl of the Dragon Tattoo series ( I can’t call them any other way, sorry). The past few years I’ve read so little, I need to make up for everything. Last year, the only new book I read was NP, and even though I loved it, I think it wasn’t enough to fill the year.

I am a little bit sad. I don’t like being sad, and I’m an trying to keep myself busy, but I can’t help but notice the sadness around. I’ll get over it. I’m a stressed over some family issues. I am tired. A bit. A lot. I am expecting it all to be solved or at least half-solved by august, but who knows? My mind has been a bit busy. I need to sort my head out.

Just as my wardrobe. I need to take everything out, both here and wardrobe at my place. I need to reorganize everything. I need to separate, donate and sell some clothes. I also need to switch the furniture around, get some storage and organize the hell out of my bedroom.

Tomorrow I’m gonna take care of my bedroom here, I’ll post pictures.

Love, Kou.

P.S. Soon I’ll list what’s been happening with my life and I’ll make a Love List for the Ponicorn Soul.


I am huge over Home decoration, bedding, furnishing and all that.

Today I got the chance to buy a comforter for my bed. It’s white with little pink polka dots,reversible with a full pink side, it was super cheap and so far it looks super cute and warm. I’m uploading a picture for you to see, but you have to click on it to make it bigger.

I found some things I’d like to get, one of which being an lovely and colorful outdoors blanket! I’ve been wanting one of those for AGES! I have a blanket that I’ve used for picnics and stuff, but It’s a thick and heavy, not very appropriate for picnics. The one I found is water resistant on one side, and super soft and warm on the other. Then again, super cheap.

I think I might get it. I don’t know, maybe. And then I’ll get the boyfriend on a picnic.


– K

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