Quickie: Today…

I went shopping! 🙂 I know it’s stupid to be excited about vane things such as clothes and make up, but I am 🙂 Let me be!!

Just cause I never really get the chance to tell anyone about the things I buy, let me tell you about everything I got:-

  • 4 Pairs of jeans (blue, yellow, green and red) 
  • 1 Black shirt to retire my old black shirt
  • 3 Tank tops (Green with a pattern, red and blue)
  • 2 Hi-Lo dresses
  • 1 Gray skirt
  • 1 Lipstick
  • 1 Eyeliner
  • 1 Hairbrush

That’s all! I have in my bed a pile of clothes that I need to sort so I can go to sleep…

Tomorrow? It’s going to be a very long day… Very Long, and this past weekend I did a lot… So, I better leave..

P.S. There’s a winner to my giveaway… You’ll find out soon!



Quickie: How I met your mother


Super quick post to tell you guys that I am watching How I met your mother, and to ask you to be proud of me, cause (ONE) even though The Mother was revealed while I was still watching season 3, I hadn’t caved to my spoilery instincts, and I hadn’t look for the info (don’t spoil it for me, please!!) and (TWO) I am halfway through season 7 (episode 12 to be precise) and even though I caved to my spoilery instincts, and tried to look up who is Barney’s wife by reading the episode description on wikipedia, Wiki-gods rewarded me with the most vague answer I could look for:

Captura de pantalla 2013-05-23 a las 16.25.11

Thank you, Wiki-gods, for reminding me of how much I wanted to keep this series a mystery. This is a sign that I should look no more, and just focus on watching the series…

P.S. By the end of the weekend I will know who the mother is… That I promise… Also, please!!! Don’t spoil it for me!!


Quickie: Mundane


This week was tragic from the very moment it started, it was really hard to go through it. I don’t know, I am confused and scared.

Anyway, I am not going to bore you guys with my mundane drama, you have plenty of that on other blogs. I am going to entertain you with even more trivial stuff, like:

  • I want to watch Spring Breakers, I’ve been saying online that I feel the movie seems like a baby between Havoc (which is genius, I don’t care if the critics disagree) and Sugar and Spice, with the added bonus that it stars my girls, Selena Gomez and Ashley Benson. 
  • I remembered about the previous, because today we started Spring Vacation. I was feeling suuuuucky as hell, wearing an oversized sweatshirt and sunglasses. Spring Vacation!! Flowers Day!!!
  • 8580970794_e71767fe5d_mSpeaking of Flowers Day, my Spirit Animal (a Friend’s cousin, I call her like that and also “My Patronus”) gave me a Bonsai tree for me to nurture and care for. I am terrible with plants, I can barely keep my two cats alive, but, but, but, I am making an effort.
  • I found out my boss is also into Pretty Little Liars. That’s a highlight in the week. Seriously.
  • I got to meet John Blum, a really talented jazz player, and also got to interview him.
  • I’ve been listening to Karuki Zamen Kuri no Hana NON STOP.
  • For the first time ever, I am cooking Brown rice, it took me forever to discover it takes longer for it to cook than regular rice. I am still waiting, and I’ve been hungry for hours.
  • I sold my iPad, I am going to get another baby very soon. I may miss a bit of my reading, but it’s ok, I have 2 weeks to get back on track.
  • Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I LOVED DIZZIE DAY, and I was kind of appalled by PLL’s Season finale. I may catch up with the books during the Spring Vacation. I don’t know…

Ok, enough beating around the bush, I am not feeling as perky as I normally do, good night.



I just have to tell you guys that about 6 hours ago I finished reading 1984 and I am feeling hopeless and vulnerable…

Sucks, but I guess that makes it a great book.

I think I might need to detox from that universe and then go on and read something a little happier, nothing dystopic for me right now… Or nothing sad for that matter.

I have a couple of novelty young-adult stories on my list, I might get to them next, just so I can regain faith in humanity.

I’m not going to spoil the book, but really guys, it’s a pretty good story and up until the last moments I hoped for specific things to happen, but not having my expectations fulfilled, both make me feel sad and make me realize it couldn’t have happened any other way… I really hope that’s not spoiling anything if you’re planning on reading it. I am trying to be as vague as possible.

Also, I very much need to talk to my boyfriend…


Tom, for real?

I was just reading a silly article about The 10 Best Fictional Boyfriends, cause, yeah, that’s totally the kind of things I do when I am bored, and I actually find Though Catalog’s general humor line quite impeccable, but anyway, I digress, the thing is I started reading and the very first fictional boyfriend is Tom from 500 Days of Summer, and I’m like “Are you for real?”

First of all, there’s one thing you should know about me: I dislike 500 days of summer with every fiber of my body. Why? Cause it’s incredibly overrated! And it’s not  that I think it’s not a good movie as a general, it actually is; however, and I can’t stress this enough, it’s always praised as something it is not. No, it’s not romantic, it’s not a romantic comedy, and it’s not cute. It’s a story about a boy who falls in love with a girl when she clearly states she’s not looking for a relationship; fails to accept her decision; gets all angst when everything goes to hell – cause when he pushed the girl into the relationship she previously said she didn’t want, she didn’t like and left -; starts blaming the girl; and then finally gets ready to start all over again, with Autumn. He just doesn’t learn, and the facts that the whole “bf/gf-relationship-thing” existed only in his head and he didn’t have any right over Summer are never acknowledged. Not even the fact that Summer wasn’t mean, she was a human being not wanting to be forced to become something she said she didn’t want to be. Nothing. She’s always treated as a mean villainess who mistreated him.

So seriously guys, Joseph Gordon-Levitt may actually be a really charismatic actor, and I may actually love him as Blake Robin in The Dark knight Rises and Arthur in Inception; but Tom? No. Tom is not in any list for me, cause I wouldn’t like a boyfriend who doesn’t respect my choices and desires.




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