Ponidays are upon us… (A Guide!)

NOTE: Reposting this, cause it’s that time of the year…

Yes, I tried to mix the words Holidays and Pony to make them sound more like me, and kind of failed miserably…

But still, a few days ago, I was checking my December entries from previous years, and I decided to make a little compilation on X-mas and holidays related posts I’ve done, along with some other kind of useful posts and topics. So here you go: The ultimate Pony guide for the holidays.


Your Ringo-ish guide to survive the holidays (x-mas edition) – I wrote this back in 2009, but it’s still current, and it’s still a helpful guide for making it through the high profile festivities without going crazy.


My daily Moleskine – A few years ago, I pulled together this tutorial on how to customize a pocket moleskine into a planner, GTD kind of thing. It’s a bit of work, but still really worth it, if you hate how the conventional planners are organized and you’d like to fix yourself with your own spaces. This year I don’t think I am going to do this from the very beginning, but I am taking a moleskine planner  and then I am customizing it a bit into something similar to this. I’ll let you guys know.


The year in questions – 37 questions related to the year that’s just ending. Pro-tip: Answer this after christmas.

The best of… – straight forward questions highlighting the best of the year that’s just ending.

Both of these questionnaires are great and simple ways to make quick retrospectives of the year.


I am not one to tell you how to make and keep your goals, cause quite frankly I’m kind of an expert at not doing it, but still over the years, I’ve always liked to write down whatever I want to achieve during the upcoming year.

What are you planning for 2011? – If you’d like a bit of inspiration, here you have the list of goals and plans I did for 2011; a brief explanation on how I organize them, how I remind myself of them, a couple of techniques I use for internalizing them.

The 88 days project – This is a similar thing based on the fact that every 88 days the cells of your body are completely new cells than the ones forming you 88 earlier, therefore making you a whole new person. I still think it’s a neat way of renewing yourself and accepting new challenges every 88 days.


This is something that I like to do, but hadn’t really picked it as a habit yet.

I constantly make these lists called Love List for the Ponicorn Soul, which pretty much are thankful lists for the things I love the most about my life. I started them as a way to remind myself of the good things going on in my life when I get depressed, but I think I might as well just write one at least once a month in the future.


Also, I think I might write one of those for the whole year that is ending. If you want to do the same, up here you have a link to a specific list, but if you need a bit more inspiration, you can always check the Love List tag, as I sometimes make lists that won’t precisely fall in the Love List for the Ponicorn soul format, but still pretty much cover the same concept.

Websites to use

Good Reads – If you’re a reader, every year they organize a reading challenge, You set your own number of books you’d like to read. Next year I am going to 52!

Unfuck Your Habitat

UFYH – Short for Unfuck your habitat. As their slogan indicates: Terrifying motivation for lazy people with messy homes. If your room/home could use a little cleaning and organizing, this is the place to go. Hundreds of tips and techniques on how to start and remain organized.

Running for beginners – I am big on running, and even though I kind of dropped it for the year, I really want to pick it back. The first time I started doing it, this is the method I used. This link is full with a complete guide on how to go from 0 to 25 min running, videos on how to properly stretch, guides to buy good running shoes, etc.

In Class – Though not really a website, but an app for organizing your schedule, notes and homework. Incredibly useful if I say so myself. Sadly, it’s only available for IPad/IPhone.

And I am still on the search of a decent website or app for this, but just as I did during 2011, I am again doing a 52 movies a year challenge. I’ll have it  up on the tabs here for you to see as soon as I start.

Well, that’s it. It took me a bit to compose, but this is my guide for starting 2013, I hope you enjoy it and find it useful. You’ll see me posting a bit more about all these things in the following days.

Lots of holiday love!



la-foto1I came here to very excitedly tell you all about the way I just re-arranged my bedroom with pictures and all, and I just remembered that you never saw pictures of the previous arrangement, only the one that looks pretty much the way my room looks right now (picture on the right). So yeah, it’s gonna look like nothing new actually happened. But trust me, it did.

I am still arranging thing in my room, and fixing this and that.

A cousin is coming over in the new few weeks, and since she’s staying in my room and for reasons far too personal to explain here, I want to make my room look pretty damn lovely. I still need to box things away, and clean the clutter, but things are looking pretty good here.

…Or maybe it’s just the fact that everything is in a different position, and the vibes are just different.  Who knows?

P.S. Last night I had a very strange dream with a lot of people I know…


Screen caping my life…

Screencaps of different things in my life…

la foto


My To-Do List for the Summer, it’s in spanish, but it mainly deals with things I need to organize.

Captura de pantalla 2013-07-04 a las 01.16.32

The last scrapped drafts on wordpress. As You can see I tend to talk a lot about the significance of every month in my life… at least on draft…

la foto

My sounds on my Iphone. My ringtone is Hands – The Ting Tings. I am big into The Ting Tings lately.

Captura de pantalla 2013-07-04 a las 01.28.59


This is what I am checking on Google Chrome! as you can see, I am big into Ice King’s relationships (Yes, I watch Adventure time)

Captura de pantalla 2013-07-04 a las 01.27.49

My messy desktop. YES! I Love Sailor Moon!


Speaking of desktops, here you have my Iphone’s! Utena and Anthy!


And last but not least, my Ipad’s background featuring Puella Magi Madoka Magica! I love it, cause my favie favie is Mami, and she’s the one the picture is focused on!

This was really random, I hope you enjoyed it.




Questions! Because LIFE

I think I’ve rarely (if at all) answered questionnaires outside the ones I do every new year, and I was a bit bored a couple of hours ago, so, here you have it, a 50 questions long questionnaire.

This is going to be a bit long, and I am going to spare you the trouble, if you’re not really into this kind of things, this ends here, but if you’re curious or so, click on the Read More, and read away…



Read more

Quickie: Today…

I went shopping! 🙂 I know it’s stupid to be excited about vane things such as clothes and make up, but I am 🙂 Let me be!!

Just cause I never really get the chance to tell anyone about the things I buy, let me tell you about everything I got:-

  • 4 Pairs of jeans (blue, yellow, green and red) 
  • 1 Black shirt to retire my old black shirt
  • 3 Tank tops (Green with a pattern, red and blue)
  • 2 Hi-Lo dresses
  • 1 Gray skirt
  • 1 Lipstick
  • 1 Eyeliner
  • 1 Hairbrush

That’s all! I have in my bed a pile of clothes that I need to sort so I can go to sleep…

Tomorrow? It’s going to be a very long day… Very Long, and this past weekend I did a lot… So, I better leave..

P.S. There’s a winner to my giveaway… You’ll find out soon!




I’ve taken these pictures at different points of the year, They are so similar…


My two cats looking distracted.


My feet…


Stuff on my bed…


Walls around me…


Places I’ve visited…





I’m pretty damn sure I have more, but I am a bit tired and don’t want to dive into all my pictures…

What I can tell for sure, is that:

  1. I love taking pictures with plenty of color
  2. Though I am mostly inclined towards greens, magentas and blues.
  3. I love textures so much
  4. I can’t get enough of my feet
  5. My cats are ever present

What do you think? It’s been 75 days of the year, and I’ve posted 75 pictures on Flickr. So far I am still enjoying it.



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