Just a quick update

To let you know I am utterly upset by the things that are happening in the Bennet universe.

I don’t mean upset in an “OMG, wtf are the writers doing?” but in an “OMG, I care too much about these fictional characters that I hate what they’re going through”, the writers are actually doing a pretty amazing work with the series, I can’t wait for the next episodes, I can’t even believe we have to wait until monday to find out what’s happening.

So yeah, if you hadn’t seen the latest webisode of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, just go and watch it right now, cause you’re missing BIG.

In other news, I hadn’t finished reading the 50 shades trilogy. I have so much to say, but have you been following me KouReads tread on twitter? You can infer from it, I guess.

Also, this week was hectic on school, I finally enrolled after a hell of a week. I had to drive back and forth for 3 consecutive days from the city my mom lives at, to get a hold of some documents, and have some meetings with people at my school. But it’s finally done, and I am (sort of) free.

I don’t know what else to say.. I am waiting for the boy to arrive, it’s getting a bit late and he’s not here yet, so I am a bit worried. I guess I am gonna go read a bit in the meantime.


Just so you guys know…


I am reading the 50 Shades of Whatevs trilogy cause I’ve read a good amount of critiques on it, and just as I did with the Twilight Saga, I wanted to know what all the fuss was about. I hadn’t even finished the 1st. book and I already have so much to say about it. So freaking much.

So, yeah, be ready, cause All the time I had not been posting here, I’ve spent reading. If you want to wait for my final critique, wait for it here, but if you want to read the (not so very common) live-tweeting, follow me on twitter, I am using #KouReads (though some of my previous posts are not under it, I will use it from now on).

See you later, kids!


Love List for the Ponicorn Soul



First one of the year! I’ve been kind of on a good mood lately, and some good and happy things have been going on, so I figured I would share a short list with you guys.


  • My boyfriend visiting last week. We actually didn’t do anything but driving around and talking, but it was pretty good, I got to show him all the places I usually go to in the city. I loved the day.
  • Starting on my new job. I am not legally allowed to share specific details on my job online, but I can tell you I’ve been having some training and I feel a little more confident I can do it well. I sometimes forget how much I love doing what I do.
  • Pretty Little Liars coming back tomorrow. I am not sure what to expect, there have been hints and details dropped by the cast and producers, but still, I’m anxious to find out!
  • #PemberleyDay. As a good Austenite I was eagerly expecting this day. I can only say, Gigi is super cute and the cast gets even more perfect day by day. I think the only character missing in action is Lady Catherine, I really want them to show her, cause, seriously, how can they have the confrontation scene without showing her? Unless… mmmm…
  • Mate nail polish. It took me forever to finally get it, but now that I do, I don’t want to wear anything else.


  • If you’re my close friend, there’s one thing you surely know about me: I love Ben-Hur. My mom gave me this set up here, it’ the 50th. anniversary edition and it includes a book of pictures and Charlton Heston’s journal while portraying the character. I just love it that much!
  • Reading a book my boyfriend recommended. I have so much to talk to him about it.
  • Keeping my 52/52/365 projects so far. Specially the 365 pictures, cause that tends to be the one that dies first, the other I can always catch on, but not that one, so yey for me!!

Little Things?

  • Washing 90% of the laundry I brought from home.
  • Being able to wear skirts again (it has been very cold)
  • Developing a small routine before going to bed.
  • The upcoming trip to Uruapan.
  • Having long talks with my best friend Karla.
  • Planning a little thing I want to accomplish by the end of the year
  • Organizing the revamp of ParteFORMA.
  • Coming back to Twitter.
  • Having nice co-workers.
  • Finding a Feminist Group in my city.

There’s just so much going on, but most of it is happy. I feel ok, and better… And it’s kind of late, so I am going to bed.



What’s up at Ringo-ish?


I made a few minor changes here, I’d like it if you guys check around, I added some sections, a FAQ, Disclaimer and more. I think you guy will like the Goodies section, I have some hand drawn photoshop brushes for free use and a few fonts I’ve made (one of which, is the font up here).

You’ll find that the Facebook page has a new cover image that makes me very happy! In case you’re lazy to check it, I’ll post it here:


Isn’t it dandy? So, go check the info I added. I still have to work on two sections, but still, everything is pretty much viewable.




On posting and stuff…

Admittedly, November wasn’t really the nicest month for me, lots of things happened, among some of those, one of my cats broke his hip, I had some of the most difficult conversations I’d ever had, and well… other things… Things have been going better for the last half of it, but at times, I still have to crouch down and just breath heavily until I feel at ease again.

But December is here, and I think it’s fair for me to come out of my shell and write again…

This December I have some things planned. Some… Here’s a briefing:

  • I am 5 books away from my 30 books for 2012 goal. Next year I am planing a more ambitious goal of 52 books, so we’ll see.
  • I am going to send Xmas letters. I was originally planning on sending personalized postcards, but seriously guys, November was rough on me, so I didn’t really felt any sort of inspiration to design them, so it’s gonna be next year! Still, this year you’ll get letters from this gal up here (Macky, I know you’ll read this, so, please!!! could you send me your postal address through and E-mail? please!!!!)
  • I am looking for a gift for my mother in law. I have an idea, but I am not sure, I’ll let you know… I need to run it by my boyfriend first… She is always the nicest, and has sent me a couple of gifts already, so I really want to send her something special.
  • On a similar note, I am going to give my boyfriend a gift. I don’t normally give him any gifts on xmas, cause… I don’t know… we just don’t do that, but this year I feel like I’d like to start doing that… I won’t say what it’ll be here, in case he reads this (He does read my blog, so yeah…) but you’ll know when he finds out…
  • I want to print pictures of my friends, my boyfriend and I… Oh, and the cats…
  • I want to start running again… I have a lot to think about… and I really need some time to introspect…
  • There’s this magazine I buy pretty much every month, so I decided I would finally take advantage of the xmas sales and finally suscribe.

That’s pretty much it. I still have so much to do, but still.. I am excited…

But the important thing right here is that I am back, I am going to be posting again, and (As I said at the very beginning) since the last half of November was actually decent, and plenty of things happened, I have so much to tell… so, be ready for a Love List for the Ponicorn Soul coming to you very soon (Gosh, it’s been so long since I last did one of those).


21 plans

These are 21 things I am planning right now. Some of them are happening in the near future, some are for the long run

  1. Meet online friends in real life (like Sada, Mavy and some others).
  2. Become best friends with at least one of my favorite bloggers.
  3. Read at least 52 books in a year.
  4. Find the best Nachos in my city (This is something a friend and I are doing together).
  5. Learn 2 more languages.
  6. Live 100% alone.
  7. Have a big house where my cats can go out and play.
  8. Make the habit of going to the movies once a week.
  9. Go back to running, I miss it so much.
  10. Live on a different country.
  11. Get a Sailor Moon related tattoo.
  12. Make freelancing my main source of income.
  13. Go to a Shiina Ringo concert.
  14. Develop a taste for wine.
  15. Cosplay. Just once.
  16. Interview someone I admire for my magazine.
  17. Finally organize my home.
  18. Win a contest.
  19. Improve my driving skills.
  20. Finally understand both Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings
  21. Live together with the love of my life and our bunch of cats.

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