Weird things that will happen to me in the next 24 hrs.

  • I will cover my face with Olive Oil
  • I will be kissed and hugged  while i think of this
  • I will get a cig, because i want one right now, but i can’t have it.
  • I will paste ads all over the city selling a Bike and some furniture.
  • I will sleep on the bus (both ways)
  • I will send the paperwork for my new job
  • My head will be squished by my headphones
  • I will get a plastic bottle cap into my mouth… and i will chew it

My life…

What’s in my bag?!

So, i was checking on Chloe’s latest post about what’s in her bag. and i felt really inspired to do the same.  So here you have, my own version of  What’s in my bag?


1. The bag. Yes, my big big brown bag :P, fairly new i must say.

2. My passport. It must be weird for you to know that i carry my passport all the time, however, right now it’s the only official ID i have, and sometimes i need to prove my identity, so it’s necessary.

3. My purple glasses. I love this glasses. You must know i have a terrible vision, so i need to wear this babies pretty much all the time. And they are purple, what can be better than purple glasses?

4. My Makeup bag. It’s not really like i wear a lot of make up, but i like to be prepared whenever i go out.

5. My camera. Just in case i see something worth taking a picture of.

6. My cellphone, I love this cellphone, My ringtone is ‘Under the sea’, so i always feel in a good mood when i receive calls, I can also tweet from there.

7. Money. Even though i hve a wallet, i normally have just throw my money in the bag without getting it in the wallet

8. Purple Inhaler. I have an asthma problem, so, i need to carry this one around no matter what.

9. Card. Just as I do with the money, i carry my most used cards outside the wallet.

10. My Ipod and my funky Headphones. This baby has given me hours and hours of joy during long trips and walks, and i love my headphones, i don’t wear them all that much cause it’s hard to store them in the bag when i am not wearing them.

11. The wallet. Since i don’t carry my money there, or my regularly used cards, you must be wondering, what do i carry there.  Well, there i have pictures, other cards i don’t use that often, receipts, and letters.

12. Old bus tickets, from Leon to Guanajuato.

13. A pen, nothing but a pen.

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