Filofaxing: A new home for my Washi Tape

If you have been following me on Instagram, you already know that I’m super into Filofaxing, I think I may be one of a small bunch of Mexican Filofaxers that exist online. I’ve been getting a lot of questions from people who want to get into the Filofax community and don’t really know how to start in Mexico, so I decided I would start sharing how I do things, and how I get everything I used for my Filofax.

Hopefully it will also mean that I will post here more often, so yey!

4 drawer container

Yesterday I went to Office Max, looking for these containers so I can take my washi tapes off the box I’ve been using, since they didn’t fit anymore.

When my mom used to work, she used to have containers like these to store her post its, and even though she doesn’t work any more, she still has these around full of lovely post its that I always envy, so what better option to keep everything at hand?

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On the first bottom drawer, I have my thick masking tape. I have only 5 of them, but it’s usually really hard to store them cause they don’t fit anywhere! Eventually I’m going to move them to a different space cause I am sure I will be getting more, and I may end up using this drawer for more washi.

second drawer

Up here you have the second drawer, where all of my lovely tapes live. I have washi, deco, and post it tape. There’s still a bit of space left at the back. BTW, can you spot the newest rolls?

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The post it drawer is the third drawer, it houses all of my post its, my masking sticker sheets and a bunch of Avery round labels that I use for coding. I normally carry a couple of sheets inside my Filofax.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

And last but not least, on the top drawer I have all of my stickers. Starting next year I don’t think i will be carrying my sticker bag around; I may have a couple of things in the pockets of my Filo, but I really hate how bulky it is and how heavy my bag feels because of it.

How do you guys store your Filofaxing supplies?


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