Ideas for saving money!


I am not really a frugal person. I love going shopping, and getting clothes, and stationery, and cute things that I actually don’t need, and having dinners with The Pony every saturday and buying stuff for people I love.

Because of all of these situations, I’ve come to find that it’s really difficult for me to save. I really try, but I’ve noticed that if I have the money laying around, I just use it.

Well, last year, I started implementing different different things to help me save money and have money available at all times. I’m going to explain them to you.


1 – I got a souvenir water bottle from the office and every time I got a $10 coin, I would get it in there. In about 6 months I filled it and got the equivalent of $400 Dlls. and I swear, my ponies, I didn’t even feel it. I didn’t really have any use for the money so I put it in the bank and it’s now gaining interests. Last year I did it twice, I used the first one to complete the payment for my computer, and for the second one, my mom joined me, and loved it as well. This year we’re planning a trip to NY in about 2 months, and I’m really trying to get it done by the time we get there, so I can use the money for all my expenses.

10peso coins

2 – You see that Purple tin can next to my Water bottle? Well, that’s my shopping can. Every weekend, I take all of my spare cash I have in my purse, and I save it there. Eventually, when I want to go shopping, I take the money I’ve saved there and use it to pay for my things. I might have to add a little extra, but the biggest part is covered by the money I already have there.


3 –  Piggy Bank! I don’t really have a piggy bank, but I superglued the lid on this cookie tin can, opened the top with a knife, and i’ve been saving a bit in it. I don’t really have a date for this, I’m just using it as a random piggy bank, and we’ll see what I’ll do with the outcome.

4 – 52 weeks saving challenge! I think this is the best know saving challenge there’s around. Here’s the idea: The year has 52 weeks, you put in a jar the amount of dollars corresponding to the week you’re in (week 1, $1; week 2, $2; week 17, $17; and so on) at the end of the year you have $1378 dlls. I am doing it with Mexican pesos, so it amounts to $13780 pesos. We’ll see what we can do with that. Also, you can do it in many different ways, You can start with the highest ($52 dlls – or $520 pesos-) or do it bingo style, make a chart, and pick the number you’re willing to give each week until you work your way through it.

I hope these ideas are helpful to you guys, I’m doing all of these, and it’s been really easy to save up money and control a little bit my expenses.

Speaking of expenses, I’m going to write a post about the way I take care of my expenses, and how I budget and stuff.




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