Labeling my Stationery Drawers


A few months back I made a post about my stationery drawers and how I used it to store my tape, stickers and post its, and I’ve been trying to find a way to label it in a cute and fun way.

Well, a few days ago, I went shopping, and got Dry Erase Tape and I just wanted to show you guys how it turned out.


I got both Dry Erase and chalkboard tape, but I thought Dry erase would be less messy, considering all the dust chalk leaves behind.


I’m using stripes of about 15cm long, just enough to cover the space at the front leaving small spaces on the sides and using a red whiteboard marker. I really hate not having black here.


This is how they look without anything written on. I think it’s pretty nice, they erase very well, and don’t leave stains behind. Also if I ever want to remove the tape, it peels cleanly.

I really like that it’s a non-permanent way to label things.


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