Welcome to Night Vale… And my thoughts.


A friendly desert community where the sun is hot, the moon is beautiful, and mysterious lights pass overhead while we all pretend to sleep.

For a while I kind of refused to write about this, ’cause, I am aware that there’s a huge fan base, and even though I guess I am part of several fandoms, I refuse to get involved in fan-conversations… Unless It’s Sailor Moon or Utena, cause there is a lot to talk about on those…

Anyway, I think I’ve mentioned before that around this time last year I got really into Welcome to Night Vale, and I even posted a weather song that I was really into back then.

Welcome to Night Vale is a Podcast narrating the adventures and misadventures of Night Vale, a town in the middle of the American Desert, a Town where (To quote something I might have read somewhere a long time ago) “all conspiracy theories are real”, Is the government controlling our thoughts? Yes they are. Did a certain celebrity fake their death and is living now a low-key life? Out in the open! Are mountains real? Oh honey, of course not! Is the government spying on our conversations? Speak louder to your nearest door knob so they can hear better! And of course, All Hail The Glow Cloud!

Night Vale is a mix of comedy and horror. A relatable Dystopia, to give it a name.

Last year I decided to read the Novel (yes, there’s a novel) and it quickly became one of my favorite books, not only of the year, but in general.

The novel deals with Diane Crayton and Jackie Fierro, residents of Night Vale, as they try to uncover a mystery that, you don’t know, (but yes, you know) has been ever-present in the story since pretty much the beginning. To say it differently, you get to know what’s the deal with The Man in the Tan Jacket  It generally has a different tone and narrative than the usual podcasts. I’m not going to spoil the story for you guys, give it a read, or even better, listen to the podcast, and then read the novel.

Anyway, after reading the novel, I decided it was time to listen to the podcast from scratch again, and so I did, and while doing it I started noticing how well constructed the whole story is, not just in the sense of the podcast, but also, how well intertwines with the narrative in the novel, how everything traces back to the very beginning.

I don’t know guys. Last week I received my printed copy on the mail, and I felt this strange nostalgia, cause I really wanted to read it again. To say the book is strange is an understatement, however, given that the book deals a lot with family relationships, I felt it so close to my heart. So close. I could see my mother reflected on  Diane Crayton, and even sometimes myself in Jackie.

Night Vale has this thing, this amazing eloquence to explain things that are normally so difficult to put into words, in such a clear and relatable way, ideas so clearly composed that unambiguously narrate the most intrusive thought… The feelings that closely encompasses the void that comes with human existence, put out there in simple words…

And I guess that’s what I’m trying to say… A Town with mystical properties such as Night Vale, speaks so deeply to me, cause, its residents, even those who are forever 19, are deeply, deeply human… doing the best they can with their circumstances…

Just read it guys… or Listen to it…



I’ve got the time for more than talking…

"TokyoJihen-allmembers" by Source. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:TokyoJihen-allmembers.jpg#/media/File:TokyoJihen-allmembers.jpg

I’ve been busy being a human being, and two days ago, I noticed I hadn’t been here in almost 3 months (let’s face it, there have been longer absences) I actually have a lot of things to share guys, but I’ve been busy busy busy.

So I’m here quick just to share a song that’s been on my head a lot the last couple of hours. Yes, there’s nothing on the video, just the music, so, enjoy it.

I’ve got the time for more than talking
The sound of your voice is drawing me in
You say you got my groove I turn you on
Show me it’s true till the day is gone

There’s steam tonight
The heat is right
Shall we check it ou

Come closer dear
It’s warmer in here
But you know that well

I’ll do anything to help you on
To hear you cry out a song

I’ve got the time for more than talking
My hands want to glide across your body
You put me in the mood let’s work this groove
I feel my skin melting away on you

You’ll do everything to help me on
To hear me cry out so long

I’ve got the time for more than talking
My tongue wants a taste of what you’re fixing me
If you send me up high I won’t come down
My heat is rising I want all of you now

I’ve got the time for more than talking.


Once Upon a Time: Frozen


This started as a Facebook status I posted Yesterday, but after spending a long time thinking about it, I decided there was more to it and I had a lot more to say, so here we go.

Before I start, if it’s not pretty obvious, this post is plagued with spoilers of the 4th season of Once Upon a Time. I’m doing my part right now in letting you know before you start reading.

A couple of days ago, Netflix finally released the 4th season of Once Upon a Time. I am not really sure if I’ve said it before, but given that I am a big Disney fan, the moment I started watching OUaT, I became an absolute Oncer. If I have to be honest, the first thing that prompted me into watching Once Upon a time, was seeing everywhere videos of the last scene of season 3, with Elsa coming into Storybrook, so I actually started watching in order to finally fin out what happens in that particular season,

The thing is, after a while watching and getting involved with the story, I ended up falling in love with the characters and the story; how non-traditional it was and how it deviated from the better known version of the characters, and the story became richer and more intricate with every little detail added.

What I am disliking the most about the Frozen season of Once Upon a Time (and there are a couple of things), is that they are trying to capitalize on every single detail from the Frozen movie. Every single one. From Sven, to cheesy dialogue, to the costumes cartoonishingly accurate and a lot more.

I mean, seriously, I may have seen these two wearing two different outfits in total during the season, and both of them were from the movie.

I mean, seriously, I may have seen these two wearing two different outfits in total during the season, and both of them were from the movie.

One of the main characteristics of Once Upon a Time was that it gave each character an alternate storyline (Snow White, Peter Pan to name two), and even key defining elements were represented differently (as with Ruby’s hood and Ariel’s voice). With Frozen, even though they tried to give Elsa and Anna a slightly different story line, it’s pretty much carbon copy from the Disney story, with even plenty of hints referring to the events of the movie, as if they were saying “We’re referring to the story you already know, do you remember it? Nothing changed there!!”

Don’t get me wrong, I am yet to finish watching the season, and I’m liking it in general terms. I think the idea behind the Queen of Snow was brilliant, but I felt some things a little forced to fit with Frozen’s already existing story line.

I’ll let you guys know what I think at the end.


Just like my heart

In case I hadn’t mention it before, I am ridiculously into Welcome to Night Vale. I don’t like spoiling it for anyone, so I won’t say anything about the story (Only that I love it so pieces and its wonderful) But, the general structure of the podcast is like a radio show taking place on the town of Night Vale, and one of the main features of the show is The Weather, and it mainly consist of a song or melody.

This is one of my favorite ones.


She’s going to change the world…

Let Desire Be Your Destiny

When I was a teen, I was obsessed with Great Expectations. It was my favorite movie for about 5 years, and to this day I still think it’s amazing, and  even though it’s not very faithful to the book, it remains one of my favorite adaptations. Why? Aesthetics.

You know that thing going around about being a true 90’s kid? Well… I am a true 90’s kid; which (yes) I guess you could say it means I am kind of a sad adult.

The 90’s were trashy and glorious. Less trashy than the 80’s, yet still pretty trashy in a whole different way. I was born in the 80’s, and I spent the first 5 years of my life being an unaware lump of existence, and it was during the 90’s when I actually became aware of myself as a being, and started to form myself as a human. The 90’s were mine, and they made me who I am, along with Milan Kundera.

Every single decade I’ve lived through I’ve adored. The 2000’s were amazing in many ways and my current decade is going as well as the rest, but there’s something about that 90’s nostalgia I’ll never be able to shake off, and it’s undoubtably tied to Great Expectations.


It was something on the way Finn and Stella danced to Besame Mucho, or the length of Stella’s dress.  Or just the general feeling of “Green” surrounding everything that appealed so much to my aesthetic ideals and remained lingering in my soul for years.


Perhaps it was on the way Stella dressed, which I may add, To this day I feel like this blouse paired with black pants would look a thousand times better, however, not 90’s enough. Or maybe just the general ambiance created by the amazing soundtrack, that shaped my appreciation of music and turned inspiration into aspiration. And that deeply rooted desire of being swept off my feet, being loved, ingrained cherished dearly in someone’s heart, mind and soul.

There was something about 90’s movies that gave me unrealistic expectations about love and romance. Not even the romantic comedies, but anything with a hint of 90’s disdain to make me swoon over it with expectant adoration.

This morning I was listening to Chris Cornell’s Can’t change me and I suddenly remembered this movie, I immediately felt a sharp desire to watch it all over again. Watch it if you can. Get it if you have the change. And on the mean time, enjoy the soundtrack, to this day, I listen to it and I feel passionately touched.


So keep your eyes shut

The last couple of days have been… not bad. I won’t say they’ve been good either, they’ve just been. I’m a little numb I guess, thinking and such.

I’m getting used to a lot in life, times frames, people, activities, thoughts; and I guess it’s ok in a way. There isn’t much to say in that sense. Things just are and eventually you just find yourself working your way through them, until they just stop being something and you become them, cause they are part of your life now.

My boyfriend shared this song with me, after I casually mentioned I loved No Diggity (we were watching Pitch Perfect) and I loved it so much  (both the movie and the song).

Anyway, back to life…

I’ve been trying to continue watching series that I’ve left hanging. Like? American Horror Story and Vampire Diaries. Don’t even get me started on Pretty Little Liars, I won’t go there. But I’ve been working on the other two. About AHS I’m on Season two, and all the love I generated in my heart is slowly fading away. I can’t wait for season 3, though. As for TVD I already know how the current season will end, so I am hesitant about continuing, but I will. Soon.

Now, my loves, I am running to have brunch with a friend I’ve been missing a lot.

Sending you love and kisses.

P.S. This was the most pointless entry ever, but just to let you guys know i’m still alive, and I keep writing.


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