So keep your eyes shut

The last couple of days have been… not bad. I won’t say they’ve been good either, they’ve just been. I’m a little numb I guess, thinking and such.

I’m getting used to a lot in life, times frames, people, activities, thoughts; and I guess it’s ok in a way. There isn’t much to say in that sense. Things just are and eventually you just find yourself working your way through them, until they just stop being something and you become them, cause they are part of your life now.

My boyfriend shared this song with me, after I casually mentioned I loved No Diggity (we were watching Pitch Perfect) and I loved it so much  (both the movie and the song).

Anyway, back to life…

I’ve been trying to continue watching series that I’ve left hanging. Like? American Horror Story and Vampire Diaries. Don’t even get me started on Pretty Little Liars, I won’t go there. But I’ve been working on the other two. About AHS I’m on Season two, and all the love I generated in my heart is slowly fading away. I can’t wait for season 3, though. As for TVD I already know how the current season will end, so I am hesitant about continuing, but I will. Soon.

Now, my loves, I am running to have brunch with a friend I’ve been missing a lot.

Sending you love and kisses.

P.S. This was the most pointless entry ever, but just to let you guys know i’m still alive, and I keep writing.


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