On posting and stuff…

Admittedly, November wasn’t really the nicest month for me, lots of things happened, among some of those, one of my cats broke his hip, I had some of the most difficult conversations I’d ever had, and well… other things… Things have been going better for the last half of it, but at times, I still have to crouch down and just breath heavily until I feel at ease again.

But December is here, and I think it’s fair for me to come out of my shell and write again…

This December I have some things planned. Some… Here’s a briefing:

  • I am 5 books away from my 30 books for 2012 goal. Next year I am planing a more ambitious goal of 52 books, so we’ll see.
  • I am going to send Xmas letters. I was originally planning on sending personalized postcards, but seriously guys, November was rough on me, so I didn’t really felt any sort of inspiration to design them, so it’s gonna be next year! Still, this year you’ll get letters from this gal up here (Macky, I know you’ll read this, so, please!!! could you send me your postal address through and E-mail? please!!!!)
  • I am looking for a gift for my mother in law. I have an idea, but I am not sure, I’ll let you know… I need to run it by my boyfriend first… She is always the nicest, and has sent me a couple of gifts already, so I really want to send her something special.
  • On a similar note, I am going to give my boyfriend a gift. I don’t normally give him any gifts on xmas, cause… I don’t know… we just don’t do that, but this year I feel like I’d like to start doing that… I won’t say what it’ll be here, in case he reads this (He does read my blog, so yeah…) but you’ll know when he finds out…
  • I want to print pictures of my friends, my boyfriend and I… Oh, and the cats…
  • I want to start running again… I have a lot to think about… and I really need some time to introspect…
  • There’s this magazine I buy pretty much every month, so I decided I would finally take advantage of the xmas sales and finally suscribe.

That’s pretty much it. I still have so much to do, but still.. I am excited…

But the important thing right here is that I am back, I am going to be posting again, and (As I said at the very beginning) since the last half of November was actually decent, and plenty of things happened, I have so much to tell… so, be ready for a Love List for the Ponicorn Soul coming to you very soon (Gosh, it’s been so long since I last did one of those).


Love List for the Ponicorn Soul

The last few weeks have been a bit shaking for me, Last time I came here I said I was in deep need of a Love List for the Ponicorn Soul, and here it is: A list of things that I love about life.

  • Meeting up with my beautiful wife to talk business, have lunch and go shopping for silly things we love.
  • The product of said shopping spree: A notebook, magic compressed towels, and a clown’s nose.
  • Working on the magazine, It’s been awesome. The official Launching will be on the 26th. Beware. I’ll be posting more about it soon.
  • Stepfording. I’m planning for things that will happen within the next year or so.

  • My daughter, of course.
  • Reading about Gala Darling’s wedding on her blog. I’m not really into the whole marriage thing, however, this is the second time I find myself touched about someone’s wedding (the other one being Sugar Cream Death‘s wedding)
  • Reading Molls, she wrote. It cheers me up like no other blog.
  • Instagram. Period.
  • My Ipad. I think I had not said anything about it before, but I got it 1 month ago, and my love for it has grown every day. At first I thought I was going to play angry birds non-stop,  and it was kind of like that, however, little by little I’ve used it more through the day.
  • Anchoa. My son. He lives with his dad (my boyfriend). I got the chance to spend some time with him last week (or was it two weeks ago? Can’t remember) and it was really nice to notice he still remembers me, and even though he’s not at all related to my Katamari, both of them have a mole next to their noses.
  • Speaking of cats: The Aminoácido family is growing, we’re getting a new baby, and it’s going to live with my boyfriend. We’re getting her on (I think) Monday. I’m so excited.
  • Also, now that I mention the boyfriend. This week is our anniversary. It’s our second-first anniversary. Second-first, cause we have 2 anniversaries, 1 for when we started dating (this week) and another one around the time we agreed on being a formal couple (our second-second anniversary). 🙂 This week will be 2 years since we started dating (which I kind of take as the good one) I’m so excited! I have so many things planned for that day!
I’m sure there’s more, but I’m having trouble remembering. I’m tired, and it’s 4:25 am.

Love List for the Ponicorn Soul

I’m in the need of a list to remind my self how much I love my life.

  • My mom decided she hated my wallet (which I loved cause it was sparkly pink), and gifted me with a new, more serious one, which I actually loved.
  • I bought another moleskine to use as my Jul – Dic Planner.
  • On monday I am going back to my course and right after I’m done that day, I will be meeting with the boyfriend to lend him a book.

  • Watching Gilmore Girls all over again.
  • Relapsing on my candy addiction, but slowly pulling myself together. I’m starting to notice patterns.
  • Seeing my favorite bloggers posting Love lists as well.
  • Writing letters for friends overseas.
  • Blackberry messages that start early and prolongue until very late at night
  • The Perry the Platypus sticker my sneaky boyfriend stamped on my face on my ID. I’m a platypus now.
  • Having two Junji Ito mangas left two read.
  • Retaking driving lessons.
My life needs more thrill. But still I’m trying to love it as much as I can. I need to go back to my own house and the routine I love, I want to cook, and stay in my bed there.
Love and acid kisses,

A train of thoughts I can’t contain.

I’ve been away. I know. Life has got me so busy, and I was waiting to see whether or not the world was ending to come here and explain myself, but since it didn’t, here I am.

On the last month…

  • I Watch Lady Gaga Live. It was awesome.
  • I Lost about 5 pounds
  • I Upgraded my running routine
  • Death came through my life, in a non-personal, yet, very close kind of way.
  • Pregnancy came through my life, in a non-personal, yet, very close kind of way.
  • I Got over social-emotional issues.
  • Work overwhelmed.
  • I had a very strong inspiration strike…
Before, you ask, No, I am not pregnant, but a very close friend is, and I couldn’t be happier for her.
I don’t know what to say guys, but I’ve been very busy living and experiencing things first hand… or second hand.
So… just to say it out loud: I am ok, I am alive, I’m in love, both with my life and the boy I decided to share it with. My cat is awesome as you can see, and I’m just trying to move forward. It’s all ok.

Love list for the pony-soul

I’ve been very hateful these past days. I was actually writing a very long rant about things I’ve been holding for a couple of weeks, things that are stopping me from finishing projects and pending work and from contacting other human beings.

I am having second thoughts about a lot of things. I wonder and worry, and I am pondering many options. I feel stressed out to the max. I may publish it, cause I need to get it out of my system. I may publish it somewhere else, not here.

Right now, I need to make a Love List cause I am feeling a bit neurotic.

A compilation of things I am loving about my life right now:

  • Taking Yoga classes. I am coping with a lot of issues here. It’s so liberating to be able to do it.
  • Grey nails. Grey is my favorite color, I could wear it every day, and having it on my nails cheers me up every time I look at them. This one goes along with wearing my toe nails red.
  • Noticing a very close friend looks a lot like Maggie Gyllenhaal when she’s relaxed.
  • The upcoming Luis Miguel concert in my city (don’t you dare judging me!).
  • My radio production class looking so promising.

Tokyo Jihen’s new video. I could straight up die right now.

  • The possibility of meeting Cygenta in about two weeks.
  • Being able to wear dresses I wasn’t able to wear about 4 weeks ago.
  • Finding out a loved one in Japan is safe and sound.
  • Making a triumphant come back to the SG world, just before I have to leave it for about ever.

  • Planning the Dinosaur Appreciation Day (While trying to remember the exact date my boyfriend and I celebrated it last year)
  • Listening to The dresden dolls like there’s no tomorrow
  • Remembering why Erika Moen is such a queen (in other words: re-reading DAR!)
  • Leonard Cohen. Leonard Cohen’s Dance me to the end of love to be precise.
  • Growing my hair.

  • Buying an amazing pair of boots.
  • Not owning a TV in my bedroom at my mom’s place.
  • First second anniversaries that mean the world. Having heart-felt conversations in the middle of the night and not sleeping until 5 am. Waking someone up.
  • Discovering I don’t suck so much at things I feel very self-conscious of.
  • Being unexpectedly complimented.
  • Holding high hopes on something I did a couple of weeks ago.

I’m having a hard time finding things that I love. Give me a couple of weeks.


And ‘I love…’ list to cheer this girl up. (Awesome things that sometimes go unnoticed when I am depressed, which I am)

  • My cat, cause she missed me so much she can barely stop hugging me. I love her, she’s so fantastic, I took this pic last Wednesday.
  • Last night’s conversation with my boyfriend, he’s so understanding. Thank you for being the amazing man you are, love.
  • Getting a hair cut. I needed it
  • Organizing my house, and going through old documents finding things I thought to be lost.

  • Watching Equilibrium with my boyfriend. I’ve been wanting to watch it for a while and he was a sweet heart and got it for me.
  • Fernando. <3
  • Discovering I have so much creative freedom in most of my classes.
  • Quitting a bit of my Online life, to start living a bit more.
  • Ordering Multi+Daily Glow from Genuine Health, and receiving a skin care kit from Clinique.
  • Trying to  get new good habits like exercising regularly, taking vitamins every day, and keeping a daily paper journal.
  • Finding time to be with myself.

  • Emilie Autumn’s Shalott. Nothing to say, I just love it.
  • Spending time with my mom. She’s sick and I miss her.
  • Don’t really caring about people saying I’m now a Libra, I couldn’t really be any more Scorpio than I am.
  • Otona.
  • Being able to go after some thing I’ve been wanting for a while.
  • Having awkward conversations and being a grown up about them.
  • The amazing marshmallow scented body cream Divymode gifted me with. It’s so yummy I can’t stop using it.

I need to remind myself, everything in this moment is worth loving.

What are you planning for 2011?

Resolutions, goals, plans, call them whatever you want, we all have them; you may hate the term ‘resolutions’ when it comes this time of the year, but truth is, we all are always planning, working, and hoping for something. Whether you keep yours as yearly resolutions or not (I do this, but actually divide most of my goals in six months plans), tell me, what is your list?

Mine is divided in two groups, Static and Ongoing. I consider the Ongoing to be the most important, it is constantly evolving and it goes pretty much like this:

  • Eat more fruits – I am a terribly picky  eater, and I’m not really used to incorporate them into my diet. I’m not very tolerant of all of them, but I’ll try to eat them more. Even eating one everyday is a lot more than I do right now.
  • Cut on my Candy addiction – I wrote about this on The 88 days project. Sadly I gotta say, this is one of the hardest goals for me to achieve, I have such a sweet tooth. Still, I’m not a quitter (even though this very goal involves quitting on something :P) and I will double my efforts for this
  • Drink more water – I used to drink about 2 – 3 liters of water a day, but nowadays I barely drink any. I need to get that habit back.
  • End my year with at least 3 important clients – Since I set my business, I’ve been procrastinating a bit on my networking, but I’m working on it already, I am working with 3 good clients right now, one of them a corporation that hired me in the past for a short project, and is willing to hire me again for a year-long project. I’m happy.
  • Improve my web skills – During 2011 I’ll take a special course on this.
  • Keep my life organized – I hate to admit it, but I’m one of those people who really needs to write a list of steps and plans of action to keep my life in place. This week I’ll be showing you guys how I’m planning to organize my Moleskine for this.
  • Save money! – This goes hand in hand with cutting on my candy addiction, since most of my money goes on this. I’ll create a budget and I’ll stick to it. I already have a savings account.
  • Try to finish one of my careers – If things go as I’m planning, this year will be my last year in school as an ‘under-pressure-student’ (meaning, my mom will finally get a title to brag about) don’t take me wrong, I love what I do, but I just want to get over with it. 😀
  • Learn a new language – Portuguese to be precise. I already understand it a bit (since it’s so similar to spanish) but I want to be able to speak it, and since I was able to teach myself English, I try to do it to with Portuguese, We’ll see. 😀
  • Keep the love in my life – As you guys know I’m in a relationship of over a year right now, I love this man more than I can possibly express, that’s why, I’m planning on a major relationship review soon, just to make sure everything is good and dandy. 😀
  • Work out more!! – I’ve been postponing this for so long, and I need to really get my hands on it now.

On the other side, Static list involves things I just want to do and then be over with.

  • Go to the dentist.
  • Get out of debt.
  • Buy a new camera.
  • Clean my house and throw everything I no longer remember having.
  • Get into as many classes as possible.
  • Invest.

As you can see, in general, I think I need to pay more attention to my health, and work on school, everything else, will just come along.

To keep myself motivated and remember the things I want to do, I’ll copy this list on my Moleskine and also, my new journal and I’ll practice major manifesting (That Gala Darling podcast is seriously one of my favorites, I’ve heard it over a hundred times and it always serves a great inspiration) and EFT (One of the cool things about EFT is that you don’t have to believe in it, for it to work, so you guys should try it).

So, tell me, What are your plans?

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