Love List for the Ponicorn Soul: Asylum, Utena, Journaling and more


Things have happened in my life in recent weeks, good and bad. I don’t think I’ll ever say much about the bad things (if I ever do at all) But let’s focus on the good ones, shall we? It’s been a while since the last time I actually did one of this, so let’s take it as a general update on my life.

  • I have more books and I actually became level 2 shopper at my local bookstore (that means, I get double the points for my purchases, which is good cause I can change them for more books, which is how I got Lena Dunham’s Not that kind of girl)
  • Speaking of books, I’m reading Asylum by Madeleine Roux, which is actually a big issue for me. I have a big problem with fear, and being easily scared, so reading this book, as absurd as it may sound, it’s actually a huge accomplishment for me, cause I am kind of exposing myself to something that scares me, and trying to control my responses. Those of you who might have read Asylum, maybe thinking I’m over reacting and the book is not as scary, and you may be right, but you guys don’t understand my struggle and how big of a deal this is for me; so I’m happy and all.
  • I know I have not really been here actively writing, but I’ve been Journaling a lot. I am actually holding two journals, my permanent one, and a journal on the go. I’ve been using my permanent Journal for a while now (picture below) It’s a regular hard cover notebook that I decorated and since I feel it is so personal, I really don’t think I’ll stop using it anytime soon. However, a week ago, I found a notebook that I really liked and I decided to use it as an On-the-go journal trying to document some thought and emotions I’ve been experiencing.


  • Instagram! I’ve been a lot on Instagram lately! I’ve met some amazing people there, and it has help me get more into the Filofaxing/Journaling community. A long, long time ago, I read an article on Hello Giggles called How Scrapbooking stopped me from running away, and it really resonated with me, cause for a long time in my teenage years I kind of used my journals as scrapbooks, time passed, I started blogging and I eventually stopped using them at all. Now that I am into Filofaxing, I can tell you that it has a little bit of scrapbooking to it and I’m really enjoying it.


  • Utena! I recently re-watched Utena with a friend and yes, I know I always say I love it and it’s one of my favorite animes ever, but now that I finally re-watched from start to end, I can very clearly remember why. It’s so amazing!! I don’t really like to talk too much about it here, but if you feel compelled to watch it and get your mind blow while you try to understand what is going on, be my guess, you won’t regret it at all.
  • I’m thinking about changing this site a bit. I’m not even sure, it comes and goes. For a while I thought I wanted to make some posts private cause I kinda wanted to hide things from my sight, then I figured I didn’t really care that much for it, but I wanted to change the general feeling of the site, so I don’t know. I might be changing things around soon. The least I can say is that it’s been in my head for a while, so it’s quite possible that it will happen.
  • Paleo Diet! For the last couple of weeks I’ve been trying to clean my eating habits, I’ve talked about it before, but candies and sweets are a big problem for me, so much that I always feel addicted to them, so, a couple of weeks ago, I decided to cut them from my life, and start eating a little better. So far it’s been 29 days since the last time I ate candies (I’ve had sweets from time to time, like birthdays and unavoidable situations) and I’m really happy. I’m trying to eat mostly paleo, but it’s really hard cause I have a Selective Eating Disorder that affects my consumption of fruits, so there’s that. But I’m not whipping myself because of it, I’m trying to actually enjoy it and all.
  • Guys, I seriously can’t stop listening to Chandelier. Send help.

I’m sure there are more updates my babes, but I’ll try to come back sooner to make actual posts about it, rather than lists with chunks of information.



P.S. Did you see Katy Parry tonight at the Super Bowl? Girl!!!! and Missy Elliot?? Amazing ladies being Amazing!!!

Ponidays are upon us… (A Guide!)

NOTE: Reposting this, cause it’s that time of the year…

Yes, I tried to mix the words Holidays and Pony to make them sound more like me, and kind of failed miserably…

But still, a few days ago, I was checking my December entries from previous years, and I decided to make a little compilation on X-mas and holidays related posts I’ve done, along with some other kind of useful posts and topics. So here you go: The ultimate Pony guide for the holidays.


Your Ringo-ish guide to survive the holidays (x-mas edition) – I wrote this back in 2009, but it’s still current, and it’s still a helpful guide for making it through the high profile festivities without going crazy.


My daily Moleskine – A few years ago, I pulled together this tutorial on how to customize a pocket moleskine into a planner, GTD kind of thing. It’s a bit of work, but still really worth it, if you hate how the conventional planners are organized and you’d like to fix yourself with your own spaces. This year I don’t think I am going to do this from the very beginning, but I am taking a moleskine planner  and then I am customizing it a bit into something similar to this. I’ll let you guys know.


The year in questions – 37 questions related to the year that’s just ending. Pro-tip: Answer this after christmas.

The best of… – straight forward questions highlighting the best of the year that’s just ending.

Both of these questionnaires are great and simple ways to make quick retrospectives of the year.


I am not one to tell you how to make and keep your goals, cause quite frankly I’m kind of an expert at not doing it, but still over the years, I’ve always liked to write down whatever I want to achieve during the upcoming year.

What are you planning for 2011? – If you’d like a bit of inspiration, here you have the list of goals and plans I did for 2011; a brief explanation on how I organize them, how I remind myself of them, a couple of techniques I use for internalizing them.

The 88 days project – This is a similar thing based on the fact that every 88 days the cells of your body are completely new cells than the ones forming you 88 earlier, therefore making you a whole new person. I still think it’s a neat way of renewing yourself and accepting new challenges every 88 days.


This is something that I like to do, but hadn’t really picked it as a habit yet.

I constantly make these lists called Love List for the Ponicorn Soul, which pretty much are thankful lists for the things I love the most about my life. I started them as a way to remind myself of the good things going on in my life when I get depressed, but I think I might as well just write one at least once a month in the future.


Also, I think I might write one of those for the whole year that is ending. If you want to do the same, up here you have a link to a specific list, but if you need a bit more inspiration, you can always check the Love List tag, as I sometimes make lists that won’t precisely fall in the Love List for the Ponicorn soul format, but still pretty much cover the same concept.

Websites to use

Good Reads – If you’re a reader, every year they organize a reading challenge, You set your own number of books you’d like to read. Next year I am going to 52!

Unfuck Your Habitat

UFYH – Short for Unfuck your habitat. As their slogan indicates: Terrifying motivation for lazy people with messy homes. If your room/home could use a little cleaning and organizing, this is the place to go. Hundreds of tips and techniques on how to start and remain organized.

Running for beginners – I am big on running, and even though I kind of dropped it for the year, I really want to pick it back. The first time I started doing it, this is the method I used. This link is full with a complete guide on how to go from 0 to 25 min running, videos on how to properly stretch, guides to buy good running shoes, etc.

In Class – Though not really a website, but an app for organizing your schedule, notes and homework. Incredibly useful if I say so myself. Sadly, it’s only available for IPad/IPhone.

And I am still on the search of a decent website or app for this, but just as I did during 2011, I am again doing a 52 movies a year challenge. I’ll have it  up on the tabs here for you to see as soon as I start.

Well, that’s it. It took me a bit to compose, but this is my guide for starting 2013, I hope you enjoy it and find it useful. You’ll see me posting a bit more about all these things in the following days.

Lots of holiday love!


Love List for the Ponicorn Soul

The last few weeks have been a bit shaking for me, Last time I came here I said I was in deep need of a Love List for the Ponicorn Soul, and here it is: A list of things that I love about life.

  • Meeting up with my beautiful wife to talk business, have lunch and go shopping for silly things we love.
  • The product of said shopping spree: A notebook, magic compressed towels, and a clown’s nose.
  • Working on the magazine, It’s been awesome. The official Launching will be on the 26th. Beware. I’ll be posting more about it soon.
  • Stepfording. I’m planning for things that will happen within the next year or so.

  • My daughter, of course.
  • Reading about Gala Darling’s wedding on her blog. I’m not really into the whole marriage thing, however, this is the second time I find myself touched about someone’s wedding (the other one being Sugar Cream Death‘s wedding)
  • Reading Molls, she wrote. It cheers me up like no other blog.
  • Instagram. Period.
  • My Ipad. I think I had not said anything about it before, but I got it 1 month ago, and my love for it has grown every day. At first I thought I was going to play angry birds non-stop,  and it was kind of like that, however, little by little I’ve used it more through the day.
  • Anchoa. My son. He lives with his dad (my boyfriend). I got the chance to spend some time with him last week (or was it two weeks ago? Can’t remember) and it was really nice to notice he still remembers me, and even though he’s not at all related to my Katamari, both of them have a mole next to their noses.
  • Speaking of cats: The Aminoácido family is growing, we’re getting a new baby, and it’s going to live with my boyfriend. We’re getting her on (I think) Monday. I’m so excited.
  • Also, now that I mention the boyfriend. This week is our anniversary. It’s our second-first anniversary. Second-first, cause we have 2 anniversaries, 1 for when we started dating (this week) and another one around the time we agreed on being a formal couple (our second-second anniversary). 🙂 This week will be 2 years since we started dating (which I kind of take as the good one) I’m so excited! I have so many things planned for that day!
I’m sure there’s more, but I’m having trouble remembering. I’m tired, and it’s 4:25 am.

7 things that will happen within the next hour…

This is a short (but very comprehensive) list of things that will happen in my life within the next hour. Enjoy it.
  1. I will think of my boyfriend, my cat and my school. In. That. Specific. Order.
  2. I will take a very strong painkiller and a sleeping pill. In. That. Specific. Order.
  3. I will undo a small stitch I did yesterday on a bracelet, I am going to get a “K” with rhinestones on the band, and then I am going to sew it again.
  4. I will get very hungry and I’ll go to the kitchen to fix something to eat.
  5. I will drink water. Until it fills my brain.
  6. I will text someone I love very much.
  7. I will get in bed with my trusty Ipad and I’ll go through my feed, reading everything I’ve missed.
Today I had a very hard and horrible day. Actually, when I think about it, I had a very hard and horrible week. Few things were worth going through. I need to unwind a bit. Tomorrow I’ll write another Love List for the Ponicorn Soul.
What do you guys do when life is being mean to you?

Love List for the Ponicorn Soul

I’m in the need of a list to remind my self how much I love my life.

  • My mom decided she hated my wallet (which I loved cause it was sparkly pink), and gifted me with a new, more serious one, which I actually loved.
  • I bought another moleskine to use as my Jul – Dic Planner.
  • On monday I am going back to my course and right after I’m done that day, I will be meeting with the boyfriend to lend him a book.

  • Watching Gilmore Girls all over again.
  • Relapsing on my candy addiction, but slowly pulling myself together. I’m starting to notice patterns.
  • Seeing my favorite bloggers posting Love lists as well.
  • Writing letters for friends overseas.
  • Blackberry messages that start early and prolongue until very late at night
  • The Perry the Platypus sticker my sneaky boyfriend stamped on my face on my ID. I’m a platypus now.
  • Having two Junji Ito mangas left two read.
  • Retaking driving lessons.
My life needs more thrill. But still I’m trying to love it as much as I can. I need to go back to my own house and the routine I love, I want to cook, and stay in my bed there.
Love and acid kisses,

Sharing the Love

Cause it’s time for a good list to come.

As you may have read, I wasn’t feeling very happy last week. I am way better right now, mainly because I received a text during the night that pumped my mood, that’s why I suddenly decided to share some of my reasons to be happy, so here it goes from yourstruly with lots of love.

  • Recommending DAR comic to Gala Darling and then seeing how much she liked it on her Carousel. Then seeing how Erika Moen (DAR creator) loved being linked there. Erika Moen is one of my personal heroes and I even cite her as an influence on my artwork.
  • Receiving my business cards. They are so cute! I love how they look like two different cards in one. You have the Front picture up here, I won’t be posting the back, cause it has my personal info, and well, that would be stupid.
  • Working on friend and personal websites.
  • Medicinal Marzipan. I found this website on one of my nightly routines of reading through FML, OMG Facts, Six Billion Secrets, GMH and LGMH (in that order) before going to bed and I found it through the BlogHer network. Medicinal Marzipan? Such a great website!

  • These two guys make my life really awesome. I love them to pieces
  • Thinking about giving [] a small revamp. Next friday is the first anniversary (for real, not the one I posted about two months ago) and if things go as I plan them I will concrete the revamp on Aug-Sept. Too soon to talk, but still.
  • My Video Production class. If I’m not mistaken it will be over nest week and I just had the best idea for my video.

Sometimes you need a formal memo

  • The super funny, cute and amazing stationary lists on Modcloth. Pretty indeed
  • Trying to get my hands on a copy of Stardust, cause I love talking about movies and I know the boy would just love the story. Speaking of…
  • The boyfriend. I can’t stress how happy I am that this super amazing boy I am in love with got into my life. That’s all.
  • Wanting to go back to school. It’s not even that. I want to go back to my life, to my city, to my house, to the things I know and love, like seeing my friends, having a big-big store 50 mts. away and cooking for myself.

  • Why have I been watching iCarly so much for the past two days? Why have I been enjoying it this much? Have you noticed Miranda Cosgrove looks a lot like Lucy Liu? Is it just me? Yes? Ok Mysteries in life…
  • Wondering what would I do if I just had a couple of months to live. I wonder. I wonder… Do you?
  • Thinking through a lot… A lot…

What do you love right now, ponies?

The Love List

...but aren't we all?

I’m starting to notice I’ve been a bit blue and being the (sometimes) a bit depressive person I am, I’ve been holding hard to that sad feeling for quite a while. So I decided I would make a love list (Remember a few months ago I wrote on beating sadness and everything in between?).

So here you have a small expanded list with some things I love right now.

  • Strawberry Smoothies. Even when they’re too much for me to drink, I love them. Even though I don’t even like strawberries, I love them. Even though I wake up late at night too thirsty to care for the already warm smoothie sitting on my bed table, I drink it and I love it.
  • Dresses. Dresses are the ultimate most awesome thing to wear on summer. I can’t even feel my legs when wearing pants anymore, dresses and skirts are al about me.

  • Discovering two of my favorite people are friends. I’ve had people I love meeting before, but this was so unexpected judging how much this two lovely girls have in common. Oh and just so you know, those two are my friend Lizbeth and my best friend Arekune.
  • Quietly working on I think my portfolio will finally come to life very soon, very, very soon.
  • Kittens. For real. I’ve been talking about kittens so much for the last 3 days, but still,  I really love them. This week I got to share a bit of time with my boyfriend’s kitties and boy, they were amazing, one of them even asked me to pick it up in my arms.

  • Tattooed girls. I feel so proud when I see a tattooed girl, cause to me it means that they are defeating standards, and that is something worth being admired.
  • Watching horror movies without being scared for the first time in my life. Seriously. I’ve always been scared of this things in my life, but can’t help but watching them. This week I watched two of them, and I didn’t feel terrified or anything. That’s always good.
  • The perspective of buying a new Wacom Tablet. I had one a year ago, and I loved it to pieces, but somehow (don’t even ask me) I ended up losing it. I miss it so much, I’ve been waiting to get another one to replace the previous so I can finish some details of my portfolio and perhaps this week it’ll finally come to me.
  • Growing my nails. I’ve always been a short nailed person (no pun intended) so a few weeks ago I decided to give long nails one more chance, mainly because  I find them incredibly sexy. Right now I’m missing two of them, but I decided to keep the rest and allow some time for these two to grow back. They feel weird, but I love tapping with them.

  • Long conversations on Dinosaurs. Period. I learned a lot.
  • The boyfriend. I can’t stop amazing myself noticing how many things we have in common, even though we may look as two completely different and even a bit of opposite kind of people. I adore how fulfilling and richer he makes my life, and how much I am learning thanks to him. I feel so blissfully in love.

Now, just to balance it all, something that doesn’t make me happy in any way.

  • Not being able to cook on Pet society cause the feature is unavailable. That, I swear, Sucks very much.

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