The New face of AminoKou


So, my portfolio just got a revamp, and it’s looking prettier than ever. I had the last design for about 4 years and even though I loved it (Hey, my favorite color is Grey, of course I loved it!) it was time for a change, actually It had been time for a change for a while, but lets not get into that.

Anyway, the thing is that I finally got a little time to get my portfolio looking the way I wanted, and now it’s here.

Before you say anything, yes, I like my portfolio looking all in black and white, for the longest time my colors were purple, white and black, until I learnt to accept the fact that it’s just not me. I’m pretty set on my monochromes, Black, white and grey are my babies when it comes to personal projects, and actually even now I struggle a lot not to have Ringo-Ish fully on grey, cause this is my colorful space (yes, I said colorful).

screencapture-aminokou-1472923944017Well,  here you have it guys, go check it out, go hire me if you want. It’s in Spanish, so be warned. I don’t really feel like having it in English right now, I may do so in the near future though.

Click on any of the images to go.

Speaking of websites, I’ve been working on another personal one for a project I want to start soon. I don’t want to say much about it, cause it’s still a bit in the air, but you’ll see within the next month.

So, yey for websites? Bye!


Introducing AminoKou

I’ve been working on this for a while, and It’s finally ready to be shown. Let me introduce you to my online portfolio.

It took so much time to complete, that when it was finally ready, I wasn’t even sure it was really ready, so I spent about 2 weeks checking it over and over to make sure. But it’s done, so here you have it, after such a long time, it’s ready. I’m incredibly happy for this. Check it out please!!!

I also have other good news.

A few weeks ago I told you I was applying for two more majors, well, yesterday I received the results. The answer? I was admitted in both of them! I actually feel very happy and proud of myself, which, specially the last one, is very uncommon in me; I am aware of how hard it is to be accepted in one of those majors in particular, and I was accepted, on my first try. Yey!

Lately, a lot of things are going as expected, and even better than that. Which to be quite honest, even though it makes me happy, it also freaks me out a bit. Don’t they say that it’s a universal truth that if a part of your life improves another mysteriously collapses. I refuse to believe this, I don’t like to allow negativity into my life, but still it makes me wonder. I won’t think about that, I’ll just focus on being happy.

But enough with this self-centeredness. Tell me, how are you doing, ponies?

Amino Love and Acid Kisses

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