The girl and 15 Books (Part 2)


A couple of days ago I shared with you 5 of my 15 most favorite books, which included wonderful gems such as Of Scars and Star Dust by Andrea Hannah and Before you sleep by the ever wonderful Linn Ullmann.

Tell me, my sweethearts, have you had the chance to read any of my previous suggestions?

This is Part two of my fabulous list.

The Ponicorn’s 15 favorite books

(books that changed, defined and facinated me)


  1. Virgin Suicides -Jeffrey Eugenides
    virgin-suicidesI was fascinated by the story ever since I first watch the movie in the early 2000’s. I was even obsessed with Air – Playground love for a while. The book is mesmerizing and I think movie perfectly portrays all the emotions conveyed by the story. I felt it, I felt the times, I felt the sadness, I fell in love with the Lisbon girls as much as the neighborhood guys did, and I felt the sadness and long-lasting memory of their death (Spoiler alert? I don’t know, the title itself talks about suicide, it’s barely a surprise). Real Story? When I was a teen I was surrounded by suicide. I had several friend who attempted it, a distant relative committed it, even I flirted with it; so the story hit close to home.
  2. Delirio – Laura Restrepodelirio
    If you hadn’t notice yet, a lot of my favorite books have characters dealing with mental illness. Either depression, or something else. This is a story dealing with “Something Else”. You never really fully understand what happens to Agustina, or at least it’s never explicitly stated, but this is a sort of more modern tale of magical-realism, developing during Pablo Escobar’s Colombia. It tells the story of Aguilar, an older man  married to Agustina, a very emotionally and mentally troubled woman, the way they live and chose to face her struggle. I enjoy the way all the characters are portrayed, how honest they are on their perspective of their particular circumstances, how helpless they seem when faced with situations they can’t control, how overwhelming those are.
  3. The painter of the modern life and other essays – Charles Baudalaire
    9780306802799-uk-300I read this as an assignment when I was studying in college about 7 years ago, and I fell in love with it. Of course, the intrinsically poetic style used by Baudelaire is entirely responsible for it. This essay deals with the general notion of dandism, in a way that is humane, unapologetic, sensualist and provocatively astute. I’ve always said that I don’t really enjoy being forced to read, so whenever I’ve been in that place, I tend to skip it, or If i can’t, at least just skim through it (I’m not an example to follow), however, this might be the only one I’ve actually taken the time to read and actually enjoyed. If I had to translate the whole documentative experience that this essay entails to a more modern narrative, I think it would keep its fresh approach, while at the same time fitting perfectly as a description of the millennial generation. Time is cyclic, my friends.
  4. Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austenpride_and_prejudice_book_cover_by_fourblackbirds-d533108
    I’ve always been into Pride and Prejudice in its many different representations, whether it’s YouTube series, movie, book or even as an influence for other stories (Hello Bridget Jones), and I think I’ve talked about it extensively in the past. This is a beautiful story, told in a simple and clean way, you can completely see the time’s idea of romance, what a woman’s life was like, and you can even perceive a proto-feminism in Elizabeth (though the time is not right for it to be called proto-feminism, but still, I think it was too avant-garde for the time), and I even think, Elizabeth mirrored Jane Austen’s own ideas of what a virtuous woman should be to, first get self-respect, and then, social status, not because of her social position or wealth, but because of her intelligence and bravery.
  5. Memnoch, the devil – Anne Rice
    memnochthedevilWhen I was barely starting into the whole blog thing, there was this huge wave of girls who found (as I did) the idea of keeping an online journal very appealing, around that time, for a reason i’ve never quite understood, one of the books that was really in style to read, was Interview with the Vampire. I read it (of course) even though I casually read it about 1 month before getting into the whole blogging thing, and not only that, I actually continued reading the whole saga (I think I might have missed a couple of the most recent ones). Anyway, my favorite one of the whole collection was Memnoch, the Devil; the story deals with Lestat, Vampire Chronicles’ golden prince, and its encounter with the devil (THE actual devil), and how through a kind of biblical reinterpretation. Biblical Fanfiction If you prefer to call it like that, the story ends with a big public unveiling of the powers that be, that kind of threw me off, but

The choice for Part 2 is a little less Young Adult, and a little more varied; though, as I’ve said in the past post, don’t be fooled just because something is marketed as YA, there are good stories to be told there.

Speaking of telling stories, NaNoWriMo is currently running (It’s november guys!) Are you taking part of it? I might be a little behind and I’m actually not thinking about winning, but I’m writing a very weird story. I might share a bit in the future, if I feel it moves in the right direction.



I never thought…

…I’d feel this way, but I am converted. I don’t know if there’s a name for us, like the trekkies, bronies or moonies, (in case you don’t know, each refers to the fandoms of Star Trek, My little pony and Sailor Moon, respectively), whatever it is, sign me in, I am one.

What in the world am I talking about?

Jane Austen. Yup, Jane Austen. Over the years I’ve seen the movies, the references, the “Omg, she’s so great! So amazingly revolutionary for her own time!” That I never even wanted to read her. I once tried to read Sense and Sensitivity, but I just got as far as buying the book and never really opening it with the intention of starting. But, boy, how blind have I been.

Today (Actually, about 30 minutes ago) I finished reading Pride and Prejudice, the novel that could be described as (arguably) Jane Austen’s best work, I have to say that I first decided to read the book, cause I’ve been following The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, and it was kind of fun reading and thinking “Hey! They’re in the exact same part I am reading!” and noting the way they adapted marriage proposals into lucrative job offers, and such.

It’s sometimes hard for me to critique a book, cause I think I can only say it’s great. Books are not like movies in which I can point out how good or bad it is; and it’s not a matter of there not being bad books, but it’s more a thing of me, not being able to drop a movie after an hour and ending up watching it on its entirety, while I can drop a boring or bad book after a few days and never think of it again. That’s why I can only talk about books I enjoy, cause those are the only ones I end up reading cover to cover.

But Pride and Prejudice has been an exception. It wasn’t boring per se, as it was kind of confusing and hard to catch on to at first. I also have to say that having me constantly comparing both the webseries and several movies to the book didn’t help into making it an easy read. But once I got caught on, and I reached details that always confused me in the movies, I could enjoy it. And, boy, did I enjoy it (Learn from my mistake, don’t compare the books and the movies, you’ll wind up wondering if you missed a certain character in the movie, cause it’s all over the book and nowhere to be found in the movie).

My edition had 376 pages, all of which I read 120 in about 1 month and the rest 256 in the last two days. Seriously guys it’s that good. This is the very first Jane Austen Novel I ever read, but I am sure it won’t be the last one. I can’t stop feeling touched by both the couples, Jane and Bingley, as well as Elizabeth and Darcy, specially the last pair. To use the proper fandom wording: I ship them to no end and they are my OTP.

This is a beautiful story, told in a simple and clean way, you can completely see the time’s idea of romance, what a woman’s life was like, and you can even perceive a proto-feminism in Elizabeth (though the time is not right for it to be called proto-feminism, but still, I think it was too avant-garde for the time), and I even think, Elizabeth mirrored Jane Austen’s own ideas of what a virtuous woman should be to be socially respected as well as her self-respect, not because of her social status, but because of her intelligence. Quelle Woman!


I am debating whether I should read Emma, or Sense and Sensitivity next; not immediately; I am reading Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman Capote next, soon I’ll talk about it, but I think I am going to live in this book’s universe for tonight, and tomorrow I will start reading the new one.

Oh, and just to finish: Contrary to popular belief, I think Keira Knightly was an amazing Elizabeth Bennet, and I think her Pride and Prejudice is one of the best adaptations. Also, I think  Matthew MacFadyen is a damn good and handsome Mr. Darcy, and he looks even better as the character as he does with most of his other roles. They have such a great chemestry, and I even love the way the movie ends about 4 chapters before the actual book does, cause the way it concludes feels even more tender.

Enough Jane Austen! Go read it or something, and tel me what you think. I just talked to much about my opinions and how biased I am towards her books right now. So, how are you guys doing?


Good News, not so Good News.

About today, I moved this blog to my own server! Yey! It was about time! However, unfortunately, Some if not most of my Picture attachments didn’t come through. Which is sad, cause I have about 165 posts with an average or 2 or 3 pictures per post. Soooo.. they’re pretty much gone. Such a shame.

I refuse to let this get into my system and make me sad, So I’ll just deal with it and accept it.

Moving on.

Next monday I will (finally) be able to attend school. I am looking forward to it. I miss school I miss contact with other people. So 2 more days to go. Also, I very much miss the boy in a way I can’t even begin to explain, I really need the contact.

Have I mention that I have a new roommate? My cats already love her (I’ve seen pictures of her hugging them) but I am looking forward to actually living together, she’s a pretty cool chick. I still need to find another girl to live in the house, so any takers?

Yesterday, the cute as hell Charlotte gifted me with a Sailor Moon T-shirt. Well, she didn’t actually give it to me, she bought it and let me know. If you guys like it, go ahead and buy it cause you just have about 5 hours before it’s gone, gone, gone forever. You can buy it here. And it says “Sailor Soldiers. Crystal Tokyo” with a skull Usagi. (Picture on the right)

Lately Sailor Moon has become an intense topic of discussion. Specially since the new series is coming next year; it’s creating such speculation! I’ve been reading a lot about the original series, musicals and manga. I don’t think I am prepared to re-watch it (again cause I did it like 2 years ago) but I am getting in the mood for doing it at the end of the year. I want it to be 2013 already!

I’ve been thinking I would like to write a bit more here. Next year it’ll be 10 years since I started writing online, and I feel like it’s been a huge part of my development as a person. Most of the things I’ve written are lost for good, so it’s pretty much imposible to track my blogging past (at least from before I got into wordpress, cause ever since I’ve been keeping everything in file). I don’t want to lose the link with that part of myself. But sometimes I feel like I build expectations on what I am going to do with this space. I need to focus more on the things I want to write and the things I care about. I feel nostalgic.


I’ve been reading a lot. I need to re-organize all the widgets here, so you get a good grasp on what’s happening in my life. On a small update: I finished The Girl who kicked the hornet’s nest, and after a good while I continued reading Pride and Prejudice. In case that I hadn’t mention it before, I am a huge fan of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, and I am right now reading the same part they are at. Kind of. It’s hard to tell, cause they mix events, but I am about 20% into the book. I started reading it about 3 months ago, but ended up dropping it, in favor of The hunger games, now that I am over with those and the Millenium series, I decided it was time to carry on. So far I am enjoying it. I don’t even know why I stopped reading it.

Also, on a completely unrelated topic, I think it’s fair to say that since my pictures are gone, gone, gone, I’m gonna change my signature here. A few months ago I was experimenting with my iPad and I got something I really liked. I hope you like it too. And just so you know, yes, that’s both the way I handwrite my name, and the way I draw hearts, which I do pretty much every time I write my name, so this is the closest you’ll get to the real deal.


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