The 88 days project

Your power lies in knowing that you are always changing and being responsible for the quality of that change. If every 88 days or so your body completely regenerates then in 3 months time you can be a whole new you! Now that’s real power. So what are you going to do with all that power?

Pretend it doesn’t exist and keep behaving like a victim in all your old habits? Or take charge of the situation and Re-invent yourself?
Go on I dare you!

The body coach reinvented

A few days ago, my friend Dafne showed me the quote above and it got me thinking about how hard would it really be to change my life, to transform myself into someone different, someone who made me happier than I am right now.

I made a short list about the things I would like to improve or even completely change about my life, things from fears, insecurities, etc. And after revising it a bit, I thought ‘Why not changing them in 88 days?’ That’s how I’ve come with the idea of The 88 days project.

I decided I would work on it for each and every single day on the following 88 starting last monday, which means that by  Oct 14 I will have accomplished all my goals, So to make it even more official (Cause I know that if I keep it to myself I will probably end up procrastinating and eventually forgetting about it) I am keeping a registry of this on my daily planner,and I’m also writing a part of the ever-expanding list of…

Things to work on the next 88 days

  1. Conquering my fear of the dark
  2. Cutting the negative people out of my life
  3. Improving my already awesome relationship
  4. Setting AminoKou as a formal business
  5. Writing more articles for El Espejismo
  6. Paying more attention to my health
  7. Working on my relationship with my mom
  8. Saving!!!
  9. Stopping my media dependance
  10. Reclaiming my identity
  11. Cutting my candy addiction from the root.

There’s more of course, some of the things I decided to work on are a bit more personal, but after all this whole process is just about redirecting your focus and re-entering your life with a new more positive attitude. It’s all about creating a new you.

How to do it?

As of Monday I started working on my intense fear of darkness. It may sound silly or childish to say so, or it may even remind you of that 90’s canadian-american TV show, but I’ve been terribly afraid of the dark for about 5 years. Yes,pretty irrational,but that’s precisely how phobias act: irrationally, messing with a part of your brain you don’t really get. I don’t really know how it started, cause I remember not being like this until recently. So I began exposing myself  to the thing I was most afraid of: Sleeping in the dark.

I normally sleep with my TV on, which I am aware is not the healthiest thing to do; not only you’re exposed to the radiation emitted by the TV during your sleep hours, but also, all this noise does not really allow you to rest properly, So, on monday night I decided I would turn my tv off, and instead of sleeping with my regular cartoon channel on, I left my laptop on playing When Harry met Sally until I fell asleep. Last night, instead of a movie I read a bit until I decided I was sleepy enough to go to bed without spending the well-known minutes worrying about the dark. It worked. I woke up at 3 am once and then again at 5 30 cause I was having a nightmare, but I consider this to be a huge success.

Even though waking up after my nightmare was terrifying and I even thought of slowing my pace. I did not turn the TV on, and I won’t do it tonight, instead, I am trying it again.

That’s what it’s all about, doing what it takes to help you reach your goal. For example, I want to cut my media dependance. How can I do this? Identifying where is my dependance coming from, and slowly walking away from it. In my case it’s all from TV and Internet,So I’m going to start slowly getting away from these two. I’m not cutting it completely, I’m just going to use them less and fill the extra time with healthier activities.

That’s All, just list what you want to change, identify how each point behaves and break it! You can even indulge yourself after you have accomplished one of your goals, I know that after I get to sleep quietly in full dark I will buy something to cheer me up! It doesn’t even have to be something expensive, even a cheap set of bangles will do.

I am aware that the most difficult part for me will be cutting off the negative people, but I have to try it, and I’ll set my most decadent prize for this one.

Are you joining me on this? If so, what are your plans for the next 88 days? I am so excited. I’ll keep you posted on my 88 days journey.

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