The Fault…

I refuse to tell you what’s going on with my mind and heart, so instead, I am going to tell you something else:

I am terribly invested in The Fault in Our Stars – John Green.  I just love it so desperately.

Just prior to this one, I read Silver Linings Playbook, and though I can totally relate to Pat Peoples and Tiffany for a hundred reasons, it was a bit hard to read, it took me about a week and a half to finish it. However, The Fault in our Stars, wow, it’s not even that intense, but I love it. I started reading it last night and I am really ahead, I had to convince myself to take a break to write this.

And it’s kind of funny, cause I think this is the very first time I am not relating to the main characters, and by this, I mean, I don’t see them in myself. I am not like them at all. But it’s one of those very quotable books that you treasure deep.

That’s not to say the book is fail proof, I’m 60% into it, and I’ve already picked some things that make noise in my head as improbable and such, but still… Suspension of disbelief, I guess.

Anyway, I don’t want to spoil the book to anyone, but if you ever get the chance, read it. Read the hell out of that book (TW: It’s about cancer) and become a John Green fan, that is if you’re not one already.

Now I can hardly wait to read Looking for Alaska, but I have a long list before reaching that one.

Okay? Okay…


P.S. Just so you know, Things are not exactly happy in my life at the moment, I am ok, but trying to not over-think anything… I doubt I’ll tell you, guys, what’s going on, but thanks for the support and stuff. I just need a while out.

EDIT: Ok, I said the book wasn’t as intense as Silver Linings Playbook; well, I just finished and even though I still can’t see myself as one of the characters, it was definitively a very intense book. I had to hold my tears constantly… Read it, please, please, read it and love it as much as I do…

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