The Original Meaning

Over the years I’ve been trying different things with this blog. I’ve been trying to turn it into a magazine-like website, a positivity center, a place to share my mind and more recently, a private den of intimacy.

First of all, there’s one thing you’ve gotta know about me, and that is, I’ve been blogging for about 9 years now, I’ve been web-designing and coding for about pretty much the same time, and even though I’ve added money to the mix and as Malloreigh once said “Money has a fun-leeching quality”, I still love to do it today.

I think I was part of the second wave of spanish-speaking mainstream bloggers, and got to grow such a good bond with some of my (then) fellow bloggers that I remain in touch with many of them over twitter and facebook.

A few days ago, one of these former bloggers talked about Twitter killing blogs. I am not sure, but the thing is, ever since social networks started surfacing, allowing you to express every single thought in that noggin of yours, and even though I use all these sites for the same reason, I really miss blogging, I miss the times when not every post had to be monetized and scritinized. All these years of ubber optimistic, ultra listed, apologetic blog posts and Love lists for the ponicorn soul, have left me wishing I could share again and talk about nonsense the way I used to when I was 17, when my blog was a statement, and not a financial issue to consider (gosh, I was so young when I started).

Today, for the very first time in years, I worked my way through a decent self made old-school blog theme. Let’s see if it brings the life-blogger in me

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  • ¡Me encanta tu nuevo layout! *0* Hablando de Twitter, comenté sobre eso cuando (creo) todavía estaba en Livejournal. Mi blog, por ejemplo, siempre fue más un diario…yo escribía lo que me pasaba en el día. El problema es que con Twitter podía contarlo todo de inmediato, y como yo no escribo sobre moda o sobre algún tema que no sea yo (lol), pues en la noche ya no tenía contenido para mis posts.

    Como sea, espero que vuelva el espíritu y puedas escribir así nomás porque quieres y escribas sobre tí, para que sepamos en qué andas 🙂

    • Jejeje si te entiendo, cuando recién inicie mi blog era sobre lo que me pasaba en el dia, lo que pensaba y todo eso… Pero de algún modo se desvió y empece a escribir para ser leída… 🙁
      Realmente extraño los blogs como antes, así que pues ojalá que esto funcione.

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