I seriously don’t know what to update with. I’ve been up and down in the scale of mood, and even though I have plenty of things in my mind, I can’t shape it into a post. That’s why I decided to make some picture triptychs for you guys. Here you have them

The eyes that I love the most

At the top – My boyfriend, how do I love him! The middle – Katamari, my fluffy bundle of joy. At the bottom – Cilantro, the heartbreaker of the Aminoácido Family.

Places I’ve been to

Left – I am at a Park, listening to a radioshow and kind of napping in a friend’s car. Center – A sort of tree, sort of something near the vet’s office. Right – Same thing, some balconies close to the vet’s office.

Old objects, old memories

Top – An extract from my teenage journal, this one is dated August, 26th, 1998. Left – That’s the cover of my very first journal. Right – An old notebook from highschool. It reads something like “Guadalupe’s French Institute”. Yes, I took french in highschool, and yes, it was a catholic school. I hated every bit of the place.

New objects, new memories

Left – Fortune from a fortune cookie. Right – Cup of coffee I drank today with Charlotte. Bottom – a bracelet my grandmother gave me a couple of years ago, I recently found it among my things and started finally wearing it.  That’s it. I hope you enjoyed it.

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