Using Clear to manage my expenses


Clear is an App for iOS, if I am correct, it’s about $4.99, but those are the best I’ve spent in the AppStore. I have the app synchronized in both my iPad and iPhone,but even though you can have it on the Mac, I don’t really use it there.

Anyway, Clear is an app to make lists, and that on itself sounds pretty simple. I’ve used it in many different ways, as a “Books to read” and “Books to buy”, as a “Shopping list” and my favorite, as my “Monthly expenses”. All of these are basically lists with different purposes, and with a different rotation.

I’ve been using this system to keep control of my finances, of the bills I have to pay, and in general the money I have left to spare. It may be very simple, but now, I’m going to show you how to do it!

First of all, I get paid bi-monthly, so I log all of my monthly expenses along with their corresponding amount , and then, I cross the ones that I am planning on taking care of during the second part of the month.


After this, I am left with the list of my current expenses. I can write reminders for each one, so I can remember the day I need to pay for them. Just be careful, cause if you’re planning on recycling the list for every month , the reminders will not reset. You have two options, 1- you reset them every time, or 2- don’t use them, and instead order your expenses by how urgent they are for you.


What I always try to do is take care of everything as soon as possible, and then everything that’s left is mine to spend as I want. Once an element is covered, I swipe it to the right, it gets crossed, and moved to my inactive list.


After the first part of the month comes by, I go back to my crossed elements, and swipe them to the right and bring them back to my active list. Once there, I sort them again and it starts again.


This is basically it. It may be really simple, but it has helped me a lot to take control of my expenses. Also, one of the things that I really like about this app, is that you can use the colors to indicate the importance of the item.

I hope it helps you!!


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