Your Ringo-ish Guide to Survive the Holidays (X-mas edition)

Then again It’s ‘That’ time of the year. Suddenly everything turned red, green and gold, and everyone is either on an incredible good mood or really stressed out. So, this is your very own Ringo-ish guide to survive the Holidays, at least on the way it works for me, with a few tips on how to make it a bit more celebratory if things seem not to be working in the way you expect them to.

  • Be cooperative. Holidays are always stressing, and it’s easy to come out with a long list of things left to do. Help your family, or whomever you’re spending christmas with.
  • Set aside some time for yourself. It’s always cool to spend time with your loved ones, but everyone needs a moment to unwind and just read a magazine or watch a cool documentary while everyone is going crazy over dinner.
  • Go out, but not too much. I know, this is the time for partying around, but don’t go too over the top. Find a balance between your family, your friends and yourself.
  • Don’t leave everything to the last-minute. If you have the money and the time, don’t leave your christmas shopping to the last day. Everyone does it, and I can guarantee you will spend in the stores twice the time you would spend there if you only do it even a few days earlier.
  • Speaking of shopping, don’t forget to buy something for yourself. Getting something for yourself in a time when you normally shop for others, makes it even more special.
  • Take some time to thank. For real. Even if it’s just thank for having some time away from school/work, thank for it. It will make you feel better during this time.
  • Let yourself feel like a kid. Do you remember when you were younger and watched Charlie Brown’s Christmas on TV? Do you remember how much you used to enjoy it? Why not doing it again?
  • Watch a movie that has nothing to do with Christmas. And I mean, nothing. This is the best time of the year to watch those scary movies you’re never brave enough to watch. None can be scared during Xmas, that’s for sure.
  • Watch a movie that has everything to do with Christmas. Specially after the previous one. May I recommend any Meg Ryan Romantic movie? Not all of them are Xmas themed but somehow you always get the feeling they are.
  • Avoid the drama. Remember that when you spend too much time with someone, (in this case, family, friends, roommates or your loved one) everyone can get a bit over sensitive. Take time to breath away before you say anything you may not want to. Things tend to be magnified on special occasions.
  • After the celebration is over, and after everyone is already on bed, take some time  to enjoy it with yourself, sit a moment alone next to your tree, feel the last moments of holiday bliss. Remember that it comes just once a year, so try to get the best out of it.

And that’s all, be sure you enjoy it. Set your mind on it from now. You still have time to put all of this point in practice, so start today!

Happy holidays!

– Kou

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